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Enhance your dog's health and energy with Dog Bloom, Xtrabloom Wate by Dog Bloom LLC. This high calorie dog food supplement is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, perfect for underweight or finicky eaters. It not only aids in weight gain but also improves skin and coat condition, giving your dog a radiant and healthy look.

During times of illness or convalescence, Xtrabloom Wate provides an essential energy boost, aiding in your dog's speedy recovery. It's not just a supplement, but a must-have in every breeding program. Given during the last week of pregnancy, it maintains the energy levels of the bitch and increases the liveliness of newborns. Proven to help bitches produce higher quality and quantity of milk, it also aids in maintaining peak condition for quicker recycling and rebreeding.

Composed of key ingredients such as Animal Fat, Corn Syrup Solids, Casein, and Lecithin, Dog Bloom, Xtrabloom Wate is the best weight gain supplement for dogs. It's available in size options of 3 oz, 13 oz, and 3 1/2 lbs, providing flexibility for your dog's specific needs.

Invest in Dog Bloom, Xtrabloom Wate and ensure your dog is receiving optimal health benefits. It's more than just a supplement, it's a pathway to better health and energy for your active canine companion. Choose Dog Bloom products for the health and performance of your dog.


* Animal Fat
* Corn syrup solids
* Casein
* Lecithin
  • The choice animal fat in Xtrabloom Wate represents pure energy which can be highly beneficial in contesting and show dogs
  • It is very helpful to outside dogs in cold winter weather
  • Xtrabloom Wate is a great skin and coat conditioner
  • Highly beneficial for certain dry, flaky skin and coat conditions
  • Xtrabloom Wate is of great benefit to underweight dogs
  • Choice fat like Xtrabloom Wate is necessary for the absorption and movement of Vitamins A and D from the digestive tract into the blood stream
  • Improves palatability of feeds
  • Helps keep weight on bitches and queens during lactation
  • Helps increase flow and quality of milk in bitches and queens
  • Helps bitches and queens recycle faster for re breeding
  • Helps to have more pups and kittens born alive and a fast takeoff from birth if Xtrabloom Wate is fed during the last one-third of gestation
  • Promotes higher blood sugar levels in pups
  • Builds energy stores in young dogs

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Dog Bloom, Xtrabloom Wate Q&A

What are the key ingredients in Xtrabloom Wate?
Animal fat, corn syrup solids, casein, and lecithin.
Can Xtrabloom Wate help improve my dog's skin and coat?
Yes, it's a great skin and coat conditioner that can benefit certain dry, flaky skin and coat conditions.
Is this supplement suitable for underweight dogs?
Yes, Xtrabloom Wate is highly beneficial for underweight dogs and helps them maintain a healthy weight.
Will Xtrabloom Wate help my dog during cold winter weather?
Yes, it provides an extra energy source for outside dogs in winter.
Can it support lactating bitches and queens?
Yes, it helps increase milk flow, quality, and weight maintenance during lactation.
How does Xtrabloom Wate improve my dog's mealtime experience?
It enhances the palatability of meals, making it perfect for finicky eaters.
Will Xtrabloom Wate help bitches and queens recycle faster for re-breeding?
Yes, it contributes to a faster recycling time for re-breeding.
Can feeding Xtrabloom Wate during the last one-third of gestation have benefits for pups and kittens?
Yes, it helps more pups and kittens be born alive and achieve a fast growth rate from birth.
Does Xtrabloom Wate promote higher blood sugar levels in pups?
Yes, it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in puppies.
How does Xtrabloom Wate aid in energy storage for young dogs?
It helps build energy stores in young dogs to support their growth and long-term health.

Item Specifications

ProductDog Bloom Xtrabloom Wate
CompositionAnimal fat, corn syrup solids, casein, lecithin
ForHard-working dogs, under-weight dogs
BenefitsEnergy source, improves skin conditions, helps bitches in whelp, aids in weight gain, improves feed palatability, maintains weight during lactation, improves milk flow and quality, supports re-breeding, promotes healthy offspring
Suitable forHunting/trialing season, outdoor dogs in winter, dogs under pressure to perform, contesting and show dogs
ApplicationsWeight gain supplement for dogs, bird dog supplement, dog bloom supplements, high calorie dog food supplement, hunting dog supplement, whelping supplies

Revitalize Your Dog's Energy and Health with Xtrabloom Wate

Elevate your dog's overall health and energy, especially during demanding events, with Xtrabloom Wate, an exceptional weight gain supplement tailored for active and underweight dogs. Packed with essential nutrients, it helps dogs maintain a healthy weight and perform at their best.

Made with prime animal fat, Xtrabloom Wate ensures your dog consumes enough quality fats to stay fit and energized, particularly during hunting and trialing season. A great skin and coat conditioner, it is also beneficial for certain dry, flaky skin and coat conditions.

Enhance your dog's mealtime with Xtrabloom Wate, which improves palatability and nutrition, making it perfect for finicky eaters. Support lactating bitches and queens with this essential supplement, as it increases milk flow and quality to nourish their pups to reach their full potential.

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