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Dog Bloom VM Supreme is the ultimate vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs crafted by Bloom Products LLC. This premium supplement is uniquely formulated to improve your canine companion's overall health, especially under high-stress conditions. There is no other product like it on the market!

VM Supreme Dog Bloom contains all 16 recognized vitamins that are highly effective at combatting stress in a variety of situations. These include periods of heavy training such as racing, hunting, and high-energy activities. This supplement is also ideal for stud dogs and dogs with heavy show schedules, providing them with the essential nutrients they need to perform at their best.

This product is also a perfect choice for expectant and lactating dogs, ensuring they receive the necessary vitamins for optimal health. Moreover, it's highly beneficial for puppies and growing dogs, laying a strong foundation for their health as they mature.

Dog Bloom VM Supreme is also an excellent aid for dogs during periods of illness, worm infestations, and worming. Its unique formula has been proven to have a 96% success rate in relieving symptoms of skin allergies and dry, flaky skin, making it an ideal choice for dogs suffering from these conditions.

The dosage is conveniently simple, requiring only 1 tsp per 25 lbs of body weight. This product is safe for all dogs, whether under stress or not, making it a versatile addition to your dog's diet.

VM Supreme Dog Bloom is available in different size options including 2 lbs and 5 lbs, offering flexibility and convenience to suit your dog's needs.

Choose Dog Bloom VM Supreme to give your dog the best quality vitamin supplements. Boost their health, vitality, and resilience with this supreme supplement.

Ingredients -

Dried Cheddar Cheese
Rice Flour
Vit. A Acetate
Cholecalciferol (vit. D3)
Vit. E Supplement
Menadione Sodium Bisulfite (source of vit. K activity)
Choline Chloride
d-calcium Pantothenate
Niacin Supplement
Riboflavin Supplement
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Thiamine Mononitrate
B12 Supplement
Folic Acid
Ascorbic Acid (source of vit. C)
Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
Ferrous Sulfate
Manganese Sulfate
Zinc Sulfate
Copper Sulfate
Calcium iodate
Cobalt Sulfate
Magnesium Oxide
Potassium Chloride
Zinc Methionine Complex
Manganese Methionine Complex
Copper Lysine Complex
Brewers Dried Yeast
Cobalt Glucoheptonate
Ferric Methionine Complex

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Dog Bloom, VM Supreme Q&A

What is VM Supreme Dog Bloom made for?
VM Supreme Dog Bloom is designed to support dogs' overall health in various high-stress situations, such as racing, hunting, pregnancy, and lactation.
Does the formula contain essential vitamins?
Yes, Dog Bloom's formula contains all 16 known essential vitamins in a safe and effective balance.
Who can benefit from the VM Supreme Dog Bloom supplement?
Dogs experiencing high-stress situations, hyperactivity, illness, or skin and coat problems can benefit from this supplement.
What is the basis of the Dog Bloom formula?
Dog Bloom's formula is based upon 30 years of specialized nutritional research.
How is the VM Supreme Dog Bloom supplement made?
It's formulated and compounded with high-quality materials under rigid control.
How is the freshness of the VM Supreme Dog Bloom supplement ensured?
The supplement is specially packed to ensure maximum freshness.
Can VM Supreme Dog Bloom help with dry skin and poor coat issues?
Yes, VM Supreme Dog Bloom can help improve dry skin and poor coat conditions in dogs.
Will this supplement harm my dog?
No, VM Supreme Dog Bloom is proven to be safe and effective for dogs.
Can pregnant and lactating dogs use VM Supreme Dog Bloom?
Yes, the supplement is highly beneficial for pregnant and lactating dogs.
Is VM Supreme Dog Bloom considered one of the best dog supplements on the market?
Yes, VM Supreme Dog Bloom is highly regarded as one of the best dog supplements available.

Item Specifications

Formulated forRacing and heavy training, hunting dogs, pregnancy and lactation, stud dogs, heavy show schedules and exposure, hyperactive dogs, periods of illness, worm infestations, and worming
Suitable forPuppies, growing dogs, allergic dogs, dry flaky skin & poor coat
ContainsAll 16 known vitamins at highly effective levels in a proven safe and effective balance
OriginsThirty years of experience in specialized nutritional research
ProductionFormulated and compounded under experienced rigid control, with the highest quality materials
PackagingSpecially packed to ensure freshness
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VM Supreme Dog Bloom: The Ultimate Canine Supplement for All Stages of Life

VM Supreme Dog Bloom is a premium canine dietary supplement that boosts your dog's overall health while tackling specific stress factors. It's ideal for dogs involved in racing, hunting, heavy show schedules, and other high-stress situations, as well as for pregnant and lactating dogs, stud dogs, hyperactive dogs, and those experiencing illness or dry skin and coat issues.

Harnessing 30 years of nutritional research, the Dog Bloom formula contains all 16 known essential vitamins in a safe and effective balance. Specially packed to ensure maximum freshness, VM Supreme Dog Bloom is formulated and compounded under rigid control with top-quality ingredients. It's no wonder that it's considered one of the best dog supplements on the market.

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