• Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar
  • Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar
  • Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar
  • Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar
  • Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar
  • Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar

Custom Dura-Flex Dog Collar

by Dura-flex Item #: 1001901-01500
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Dura-Flex is the next generation in collar-making material. Made with authentic BioThane coated webbing, though manufactured differently than the webbing in our Dura-Lon collars, the Dura-Flex collars are softer and more pliable. These Dura-Flex collars also have all of the same popular characteristics - they clean up quickly and easily, won't hold odors or wetness, and will not rot.

The high quality of this material, however, won't hold up well to chewing, so we don't recommend Dura-Flex if you have pups or dogs that like to pull, tug, or chew on each other's collars.

The DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop is ready to make your Custom Dura-Flex Collar to your exact specifications. You and your good dog will need to decide between 5 different collar styles, 2 widths, any neck size you need, and any of six different colors. Also the Dura-Flex Collar comes standard with solid brass hardware but if you think nickel plated is the way to go then that is an option as well.

Great news, if you want to further customize your Dura-Flex collar and match the nameplate to the type of hardware chosen you can do that!!! DOGS Unlimited has a stainless steel nameplate which will go very nicely with our nickel hardware.

Solid brass or stainless steel. The brass nameplate on this collar is attached with machine-stamped solid brass rivets while the stainless steel nameplates will come with machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets.

At DOGS Unlimited it's about choice and there's no better place to get that than the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop.


COLLAR SIZING GUIDELINES - We measure our collars from the end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes as illustrated above, so when we say that a collar has a NECK SIZE of 15" long this length is the distance between the buckle and the middle hole. Ultimately this measurement is based on your dog's Neck Size.

With that in mind, the best way to get a collar that fits properly is to put a string around your dog's neck where the collar will lay, and where it meets, cut it off and measure it. If you have a tailor's tape, you can do the same measurement and read the tape where it meets. That is the figure we will need to send you a collar that fits your dog correctly.


We anticipate that your custom collar order will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to be manufactured and then shipped to you. If circumstances allow the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop to manufacture your custom collar order quicker you'll receive your order sooner.

If your custom collar order is part of a larger order we will ship your non-custom items immediately and then ship your custom collars when they have been completed.

The custom collar portion of the order that is shipped separately from a larger order will be shipped via the lowest cost carrier unless otherwise instructed by the customer. If you would like the custom collar portion of the order shipped by a faster shipping method (Dogs Quick Ship, UPS Overnight, 2nd Day, etc.) please give us a call at 800-338-3647 and let us know. There will be an additional shipping charge added to your order for this service.

Finally, from time to time a customer will request that we put a rush on their custom collar order. For an additional RUSH charge per collar, we can move your order to the front of the line. Because this is still a custom order and they do take time, requesting your order be RUSHED will mean that your order will ship within a week of the time you place your order. It will still be shipped via the lowest cost carrier if separated from a larger order as stated above. If under this circumstance you would prefer a quicker shipping method please contact us at 800-338-3647.


We strive to do the best that we can do in every aspect of our business, and the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop is no different. However, when you order from the Custom Shop we are making a product just for you -- to your specifications and your dimensions. So, because a custom order is just that -- CUSTOM-- we will not be able to offer our return policy for any item that comes out of the DOGS Unlimited Custom Shop.

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