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  • Padded Roading Harness
  • Padded Roading Harness
  • Padded Roading Harness
  • Padded Roading Harness

Padded Roading Harness

Item #: 1121055-M
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Comfortable and Durable Harness for Field Trials and Hunting
Optional Attached Nameplate
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The Padded Roading Harness, the ultimate solution for a comfortable and durable dog harness designed specifically for gun dogs and hunting enthusiasts. As featured in Sherry Ray Ebert's video and DVD, "Training Setters and Continental Breeds," this harness is perfect for building your dog's stamina for those long days on the field trial circuit or during the hunting season.

Made from authentic BioThane material, this gun dog harness is designed to withstand the elements and last for years to come. The unique padded chest beam not only prevents rub spots but also ensures that your dog remains comfortable throughout the roading session. With two adjustment points, the harness can be easily customized to fit your dog's size, making it the perfect choice for small, medium, or large dogs.

The Padded Roading Harness comes with nickel hardware and can be further personalized with an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, ensuring that your harness will always make it back to you if misplaced. We even include complimentary capped Machine Stamped Rivets for easy attachment of the nameplate.

Ideal for use as an ATV dog harness, dog roading rig, gundog harness, or roading rig, this versatile product is a must-have for any serious hunting or field trial enthusiast. So why wait? Invest in the Padded Roading Harness and experience the difference in durability and comfort for yourself and your hunting dog.
  • Padded chest beam
  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Two O-Rings for drag cables

Size Chart

SmallUp to 45
Medium45 - 65
Large65 and up

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Padded Roading Harness Q&A

What is the primary purpose of the Padded Roading Harness?
The primary purpose is to provide comfort and durability during hunting and field trials for dogs.
What material is this harness made of?
The harness is made from authentic BioThane material.
Who endorses the Padded Roading Harness?
It is endorsed by Sherry Ray Ebert.
What hardware does this harness feature?
This harness features nickel hardware and O-rings for drag cables.
Can I attach a nameplate to this harness?
Yes, you can attach an optional brass or stainless steel nameplate.
How does the Padded Roading Harness help prevent rub spots?
A soft pad is included on the chest beam, offering more comfort and preventing rub spots.
Is the harness adjustable?
Yes, the harness is adjustable with two attachment points.
How does this harness contribute to dog stamina?
The harness allows dogs to undergo endurance training and build stamina for long days in the field.
What activities is the Padded Roading Harness best suited for?
It is best suited for activities such as field trials, hunting, and endurance training.
What is included with the optional nameplate?
Complimentary Machine Stamped Rivets are included to attach the nameplate.

Item Specifications

ProductPadded Roading Harness
PurposeBuilds stamina for hunting and field trial circuit
MaterialAuthentic BioThane
Adjustment pointsTwo
Chest BeamPadded
O-RingsTwo for drag cables
Optional nameplateSolid brass or stainless steel
Complimentary featureMachine Stamped Rivets to attach to the nameplate
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Padded Roading Harness: The Ultimate Comfort and Durability for Hunting and Field Trials

Introducing the Padded Roading Harness, specifically designed to provide comfort and durability for good dogs during field trials and hunting. Made from top-quality BioThane material, this harness can withstand the elements and last for several years. With a soft pad on the chest beam, your dog can experience ultimate comfort and avoid rub spots during their activities.

Sherry Ray Ebert, a renowned expert on training setters and continental breeds, endorses our Padded Roading Harness. It is perfect for dogs who may be prone to rub spots from conventional harnesses, and it is also adjustable with two adjustment points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog.

Our Padded Roading Harness features nickel hardware and two O-rings for secure attachment of drag cables. Attach an optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate so your harness will always find its way back to you if misplaced. For your convenience, we also include complimentary Machine Stamped Rivets to attach the nameplate.

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