• Wild Pheasant Wings

Wild Pheasant Wings

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Exhilarating Training for Your Companion
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You can't get a better testimonial than the office dogs. This is the one product they go absolutely crazy about when the delivery person arrives with these under their arm.

Pheasant season's coming, make sure you and your good dog are ready! Puppies, young dogs, and fully broke dogs alike love these Pheasant Wings. Attach a wing to a pole with a piece of twine and toss it out in front of your puppy. You will love the response. Toss a wing into some high grass and check cord your young dog in and watch him use his nose. The broke dog will shine pointing staunchly on one of these wings as you prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

Available in 2 and 6 Pheasant Wings per pack.

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Wild Pheasant Wings Q&A

What is the purpose of Wild Pheasant Wings?
The purpose of Wild Pheasant Wings is to train and prepare dogs for the hunting season.
Who can benefit from using Pheasant Wings?
Puppies, young dogs, and fully trained dogs can all benefit from using Pheasant Wings.
How do I use the Pheasant Wings in training?
Attach a wing to a pole and toss it out in front of your dog, or hide it in high grass for scent tracking.
What happens when your dog gets used to Pheasant Wings?
They will enhance their hunting instincts and become better prepared for the pheasant hunting season.
How many Pheasant Wings come in a pack?
Pheasant Wings are available in packs of 2 and 6.
What are some advantages of using Wild Pheasant Wings?
Using Wild Pheasant Wings ensures optimal readiness, enhances hunting instincts, and familiarizes dogs with pheasant scent.
Are these Wild Pheasant Wings suitable for all dogs?
Yes, these wings are suitable for puppies, young dogs, and fully trained dogs.
Can I use Wild Pheasant Wings for other types of hunting dogs?
Yes, they can be utilized as a valuable training tool for various types of hunting dogs.
Will my dog enjoy training with these Wild Pheasant Wings?
Absolutely, dogs go crazy with excitement when these wings are used in training.
Are Wild Pheasant Wings a reliable training tool?
Yes, these wings are trusted and loved by hunting dogs of all ages and levels of experience.

Item Specifications

ProductWild Pheasant Wings
Popular withPuppies, young dogs, and fully broke dogs
UsesBird dog training, dog hunting training, dog retriever training, dog training wings, upland bird training wings
How to useAttach to a pole with twine, toss into high grass, or use for pointing practice
BenefitsExcites dogs, improves response, helps with nose work, prepares dogs for hunting season
Available Options2 and 6 Pheasant Wings per pack
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Pheasant Wings: Ultimate Training Tools for Dogs

Get your hunting companion hooked on these amazing Wild Pheasant Wings. Their enthusiasm will be evident when the delivery person comes calling with these sensational training tools. With pheasant season around the corner, it's time to gear up and ensure optimum readiness.

These Pheasant Wings are beloved by puppies, young dogs, and fully trained dogs alike. Simply attach a wing to a pole and watch the excitement as your pet chases after it, honing their hunting instincts. It's a fantastic way to familiarize them with pheasant scent as they navigate through high grass searching for the wing.

Boost your dog's performance during the hunting season by training them with Wild Pheasant Wings. Packs are available in 2 and 6 for your convenience. Get ready for a thrilling and successful pheasant season with these outstanding wing training tools.