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  • Wild Grouse Wings

Wild Grouse Wings

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Get Ready for Grouse Season with These Amazing Dog Training Wings
Wild Grouse Wings – the perfect training aid for your hunting dog! These game bird wings are the perfect accessory to get your pup ready for grouse season. Whether you have a puppy, a young dog, or a fully broke gun dog, our Wild Grouse Wings are designed to suit any stage of your dog's hunting training.

These Wild Grouse Wings are a must-have for any hunting dog retriever training or wing-training puppy sessions. Simply attach a wing to a pole with a piece of twine and toss it out in front of your puppy to watch their instincts kick in! Toss a wing into some high grass and check cord your young dog in, as they use their nose to locate their prey. Even the most experienced gun dogs will shine as they point staunchly at the Grouse Wings, preparing them for the upcoming hunting season.

Our Wild Grouse Wings are available in packs of two or six, providing you with ample quantity for all your dog hunting training needs. Don't miss out on this limited stock – invest in the best training aid for your hunting dog and watch them transform into the perfect grouse hunting companion.

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Wild Grouse Wings Q&A

What is the main purpose of Wild Grouse Wings?
The main purpose is to train hunting dogs on their tracking, pointing, and retrieving skills, preparing them for the upcoming grouse season.
Can Wild Grouse Wings be used for young dogs?
Yes, these Grouse Wings are perfect for puppies and young dogs, as well as experienced hunting dogs.
How can I use Wild Grouse Wings for training?
Attach a wing to a pole or toss it into high grass to help your dog practice its tracking and pointing skills.
What is the unique feature of these Grouse Wings?
The realistic design of these wings allows for an effective bird dog training experience.
Are the wings easy to use during training?
Yes, the Wild Grouse Wings are simple to attach to a pole or toss into high grass for training.
Do other dog owners recommend these Grouse Wings?
Absolutely, Wild Grouse Wings are highly recommended by dog owners for training hunting dogs.
What sizes are the Grouse Wings available in?
The wings are available in packs of 2 or 6 for training.
Can Grouse Wings be used for both puppies and older hunting dogs?
Yes, Grouse Wings are suitable for training puppies, young dogs, and experienced hunting dogs.
What type of hunting season can dogs be prepared for using these wings?
These Wild Grouse Wings help train dogs for grouse hunting season.
How soon before the hunting season should I train my dog using Grouse Wings?
Training should begin as soon as possible before the hunting season so that your dog is fully prepared and proficient in tracking and pointing.

Item Specifications

TestimonialOffice dogs love the product
Grouse SeasonComing soon
Suitable forPuppies, young dogs, fully broke gun dogs
UsageAttach to a pole, toss in high grass, prepare for hunting season
ProductWild Grouse Wings
Available in2 and 6 Grouse Wings per pack

Realistic Wild Grouse Wings for Dog Training | Grouse Season Preparation

Get ready for grouse season with these incredible Wild Grouse Wings designed to train dogs on their hunting skills. These Grouse Wings are the ultimate tool for puppies, young dogs, and experienced hunting dogs, providing an unmatched bird-dog training experience.

These realistic Grouse Wings can be attached to a pole or tossed into high grass, allowing dogs to practice tracking and pointing. It's a favorite among training experts and dog owners, who are eager to prepare their dogs for the upcoming grouse hunting season.

Ensure your dog is fully prepared for the grouse season with these lifelike Wild Grouse Wings, made for effective hunting dog training. Don't miss out on this limited stock–order in packs of 2 or 6 today!

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