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  • DT Systems, Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip

DT Systems, Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip

by DT Systems Item #: 1008600-M
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Unleash Your Dog's Retrieving Skills with DT Systems Canvas Dummy & Scent Strip!
$11.95 - $12.95$11.95
DT Systems Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip - the ultimate training tool to transform your dog into a retrieving pro! Designed by DT Systems, a leading expert in dog training, this durable and versatile canvas dummy is perfect for both puppies and adult dogs alike.

Available in two convenient sizes - Puppy (9" L x 2" D) and Standard (12" L x 3" D) - the DT Systems Canvas Dummy is designed to grow with your gun dog, ensuring seamless training from puppyhood to a seasoned retriever. With its tough, water-resistant construction, this training aid is perfect for both land and water training sessions, making it the ideal companion for your canine's retrieving education.

Featuring a tightly-packed design for excellent flotation, each size of the DT Systems Canvas Dummy comes with a throw rope sewn right into the canvas, ensuring it's always ready to be launched into action. And to further entice your dog's natural retrieving instincts, the unique scent strip holds game bird scent, adding an irresistible allure to this training tool.

Choose DT Systems Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip for a reliable, high-quality training aid that will help your dog learn the art of retrieving like a true professional. With its durable construction, versatile sizing options, and scent-enhancing features, this canvas dummy is the perfect addition to any dog trainer's toolkit.

Don't miss out on this fantastic training tool - order your DT Systems Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip today and witness the remarkable transformation in your dog's retrieving skills! Available in Puppy and Standard size options.

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DT Systems, Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip Q&A

What is the purpose of the DT Systems Canvas Dummy?
The purpose of the DT Systems Canvas Dummy is to help train dogs to become expert retrievers.
Is the Canvas Dummy water-resistant?
Yes, the Canvas Dummy is water-resistant, making it perfect for land and water training.
Does the Canvas Dummy hold scent?
Yes, the Canvas Dummy holds game bird scent to further entice your dog to retrieve.
What sizes are available?
The Canvas Dummy is available in two sizes - Puppy (9'' L x 2'' D) and Standard (12'' L x 3'' D).
Is a throw rope included?
Yes, a throw rope is sewn right into the canvas of the Canvas Dummy.
What is the flotation like on the Canvas Dummy?
The Canvas Dummy is tightly packed for great flotation.
Can puppies use the Canvas Dummy?
Yes, one of the available sizes is specifically designed for puppies.
How durable is the Canvas Dummy?
The Canvas Dummy is made of a tough and durable material, ensuring it lasts through multiple training sessions.
Is the Canvas Dummy suitable for gun dog training?
Yes, the Canvas Dummy is suitable for gun dog training.
Can I use the Canvas Dummy for different training techniques?
Yes, the Canvas Dummy is compatible with various training techniques.

Item Specifications

BrandDT Systems
ProductCanvas Dummy with Scent Strip
SizesPuppy - 9" L x 2" D, Standard - 12" L x 3" D
PurposeTraining to retrieve
ForBeginner to veteran
FloatationTightly packed for great flotation
Throw ropeSewn into the canvas
Holds game bird scentYes
Suitable forLand and water training

Canvas Dummies with Scent Strip for Expert Dog Retrieving Training

The DT Systems Canvas Dummy with Scent Strip is the ideal training aid to help your dog become an expert retriever. These Canvas Dummies offer a water-resistant, tough design that can withstand plenty of land and water training, making them perfect for both puppies and experienced dogs.

Available in two sizes, the Canvas Dummies not only provide a great learning experience, but they also come with a scent strip that holds game bird scent, further enticing your dog to retrieve. In addition, they feature a throw rope sewn into the canvas, allowing for easy use during training sessions.

Highly versatile, the DT Systems Canvas Dummies guarantee great flotation, ensuring that you have all the necessary features for successful dog training. Their water-resistant design makes them perfect for any environment, while the durable canvas material ensures they'll last through countless retrieval sessions.

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