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Dura-Lon Dog Collar, Double Ring Style

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Item#: DCD-M

The Best Material!
The Best Craftsmanship!
Years and Years of Wear!

And a FREE Personalized
Solid Brass Nameplate attached!

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DOGS Unlimited's Dura-lon collar is made to stand up to years of use by the roughest of dogs. They're made from authentic BioThane coated webbing to reduce the possibility of wicking in wet or humid conditions; wicking is what causes de-lamination and de-lamination results in failure of the collar. Not good if you expect your collar to last and last.

At 1" wide the BioThane coated webbing has been tested to a breaking strength of 1000 lbs and it's fade resistant.

The lightweight, smooth finish minimizes irritation from rubbing, won't rot and resists chewing.

These Dura-lon collars have nickel-plated hardware and all rivets are capped to reduce catching on your good dog's hair.

Each DOGS Unlimited Dura-lon collar comes with a FREE personalized solid brass nameplate attached. For your consideration, DOGS Unlimited is introducing our new stainless steel nameplate which will go very nicely with the collar's nickel hardware.

Solid brass or stainless steel. As always our brass nameplates come with either brass swat rivets or machine stamped solid brass rivets while the stainless steel nameplates will come with nickel plated swat rivets or machine stamped nickel plated steel rivets.

A word about our rivet options:

We offer two styles of rivets to attach our nameplates - SWAT Rivets and Machine Stamped Rivets.

SWAT Rivets are free and a nice option for dogs that are pets whose collars do not get pulled or tugged. They are a thin metal rivet and are swatted with a hammer to attach the nameplate to the collar. Because they are made of thin metal they are easy to drill out if you need to change out the nameplate with a new, updated nameplate. But they are also easily popped off if the collar gets tugged on or pulled on.

Machine Stamped Rivets are a tubular rivet post and cap set and the same style rivet that's used when making the collar. It's a very strong rivet and actually takes a rivet machine to attach the cap to the post. They are a much more permanent rivet when it comes to attaching the nameplate and great for working dogs and dogs whose collar will be pulled and tugged.

RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA - Proposition 65 Warning




We measure our collars from the end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes as illustrated above, so when we say that a collar has a NECK SIZE of 15" long this length is the distance between the buckle and the middle hole. Ultimately this measurement is based on your dog's Neck Size.

With that in mind, the best way to get a collar that fits properly is to put a string around your dog's neck where the collar will lay, and where it meets, cut it off and measure it. If you have a tailor's tape, you can do the same measurement and read the tape where it meets. That is the figure we will need to send you a collar that fits your dog correctly.
* 6 In Stock Colors to Choose From

* Authentic BioThane Coated Webbing

* Nickel Plated Hardware

* Capped Rivets

* 240 Different Combinations
Four Styles -

* Standard
* D-End
* Center Ring
* Double Ring
Two Widths -

* 3/4"
* 1"
Five Lengths -

* 13"
* 15"
* 17"
* 19"
* 21"
Six Standard Colors -

* Orange
* Red
* Yellow
* Royal Blue
* Hot Pink
* Light Green

Our Price: $11.95 - $12.95
Neck Size
FREE Solid Brass Nameplate
with this Collar
Type of Nameplate
Select Letter Size
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Rivet Options
About Dogs Unlimited LLC

DOGS Unlimited LLC was established in 1971 as a regional mail order company supplying gun dog training supplies to the area's sporting dog enthusiasts. Over the years it has developed new and innovative training products for the gun dog community that now seem commonplace. From these humble beginnings DOGS Unlimited has grown into a worldwide supplier of bird dog training and hunting supplies to such far reaching destinations as Australia, South Africa, Japan, England and, of course, Canada to name a few.
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5 out of 5 stars 14 yrs later, and still in good shape., 12/6/2014 7:15:40 PM
By: Susan from PA - See all my reviews - Permalink
Well, my beloved old German Shorthaired Pointer, Cindy's Frolic, finally needs a new collar after 14 yrs. This may be her last year w/ us, as she has a neurological disease, but she still loves to run thru the woods. This collar has been thru many good times, love it, only buy these for all my dogs, and only from this site. I want pink, but my husband insists on traditional orange. lol.

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5 out of 5 stars Excellent collars, 2/24/2013 12:43:00 AM
By: James from MI - See all my reviews - Permalink
I've been buying the Dura-Lon collars for years. Excellent collars that hold up well!

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5 out of 5 stars The best collar, 1/3/2013 4:21:08 PM
By: Lori from WI - See all my reviews - Permalink
We used these for our swimming vizsla. She had the same collar for 13 years (although we had these in 3 colors). They clean easy with a cloth and go in and out of the water easily. Also never irritated her neck like some of the cloth collars she had as a younger pup. The two rings make it easy to on and off with the lead.

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1 out of 1 person found the following review helpful.

5 out of 5 stars the last collar you will buy your dog, 9/18/2012 5:03:38 PM
By: Patricia from OR - See all my reviews - Permalink

This collar is perfect. I have one that is about 10 years old and still looks practically new. I love this for my Search and Rescue dogs because of the high visibility and the durability. We go through heavy brush, thick mud, sand, freshwater, saltwater, swamps, deserts, you name it. And this collar holds up, buckle/ring don't give out. And then dirt just falls off when it dries. No odors either. With the flat plate attached, I never worry about the tags coming off (not to mention no tag rattling around). I worry that you guys might get the wrong impression because you don't get that many repeat customers on this... until they get a new dog like I just did, its because the collar lasts forever! GREAT product!

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