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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Dog Collars with Nameplates & Leads

Only the Best for Your Good Dog!

From Our Own Dura-Lon Dog Collars
to Our Fine Selection of Leather
Dog Collars and Leads.
Dogs Unlimited has the best Dog Collars with Nameplates & Leads available so if you're looking for top quality gun dog collars and leads then Dogs Unlimited has what you're looking for in the most classy and stylishly items. Choose from the colorful Dura-lon collars and leads where strength and durability have made them a hallmark in the industry for decades. These Dura-lon collars constantly get rave reviews from customers who have had them for many years not just a few months. Our tough FieldKing Harness Leather collars and leads are used by professionals and amateurs alike when they need a leather collar or lead that's going to put up with seriously tough conditions. The sturdy black Belgian Bridle Leather collars and leads are made by Amish craftsmen that take the time and care into producing items that are second to none. FieldKing Bridle Leather collars and Fancy Sewn Bridle Leather leads have been a mainstay for those who demand good looks and quality in the gear they use. Our FieldKing Field Trial Collars are used extensively on the field trial circuit and by those who are serious about bird hunting because they help distinguish their dogs from others and make their dogs more visible. Mendota Dog Products has an excellent line of dog leads, check cords, chest protectors and more.

Dura-Lon Dog Collars

Our Customers Tell Us:
Our Dura-Lon Collars Always Outlast the Competition's Collars!

Quality Materials!
Fine Craftsmanship!

Leather Dog Collars

Handmade One At A Time. You Don't Get Any Better Than That.

These Leather Collars Will Last Your Good Dog A Lifetime.

Custom Dura-Lon / Dura-Flex Dog Collars

The DOGS Custom Shop can Custom Make Dura-Lon and Dura-Flex Collars Just for You!

Custom Dura-Lon / Dura-Flex Dog Leads

The DOGS Custom Shop can Make Custom Dura-Lon and Dura-Flex Leads to Match Your Collars.

Nylon Dog Collars and Leads

Classic Orange Nylon Collars and Leads Come in a Variety of Styles.

Easy to See and They Will Last for Years.

Bridle Leather Dog Leads

Quality Craftsmanship Plain And Simple.

These Leads Come in a Large Selections of Lengths. We Also Offer Bridle Leather Belt Loops and Couplers.

Other Dog Collars & Leads

A Fine Selection of Collars and Leads. From Belgian Black Bridle Leather Collars and Leads to the Extra Wide SunGlo Brand Collar the Best Still Stands Out.

Jaeger Leads

These Jaeger Leads Come in Classic Bridle Leather, Harness Leather and Nylon.

The Most Options When Handling Your Good Dog.

Mendota Dog Products

Mendota Products Offers an Excellent Line of Quality Dog Accessories including British Style Leads, Snap Leads, Versa Belts and Much More...

Field Trial & Flash Dog Collars

DOGS Unlimited Introduced This Field Trial Collar Years Ago.

They're Perfect for Field Trials and Hunting in a Variety of Terrain and Light Conditions.

Force Style Dog Collars

Different Personalities Require Different Methods.

These Force Style Collars Will Help You Get the Job Done Humanely

Puppy Collars

Puppies Require Something Special and These SunGlo Puppy Collars Will Help You Distinguish Your Puppies, One From the Other.

Nameplates & ID Tags for Dog Collars

Different Styles of Nameplates Including Our Traditional Nameplate and the Traveling Nameplate Slip-On Version for Additional Information.
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