• Kuranda, Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed, Smoke, 40" X 25"

Kuranda, Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed, Smoke, 40" X 25"

by Kuranda Item #: 1160020-M
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Experience the Lap of Luxury with Our Elevated Dog Bed
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Introducing the Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed in Smoke, measuring 40" X 25", the epitome of luxury and comfort for your beloved canine companion. Discover the incredible features, benefits, and unique selling points of this elevated dog bed.

Elevated, Orthopedic Comfort

The Kuranda elevated dog bed provides superior orthopedic comfort for your dog by relieving pressure on their joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight, eliminating the pressure points they would experience on the hard ground. Say goodbye to sore hips, elbows, and shoulders for your Good Dog.

Engineered Chew Proof

The patented design of the Kuranda dog bed secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame, making it completely inaccessible to dogs that chew. Combined with scratch-resistant fabric, this bed is guaranteed chew-proof by the manufacturer for a full year, ensuring long-lasting durability and peace of mind.

Easy to Clean

Forget about struggling with pillow beds that hold onto dirt, odors, and pet hair. The Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed is a breeze to clean - simply wipe down or rinse off with a hose, and you're done! No more lingering odors or unsightly stains.

Effortless Assembly

Putting together your Kuranda dog bed is a cinch, with easy-to-follow assembly instructions available HERE. Your dog will be relaxing in their luxurious new bed in no time!

Upgrade your dog's sleeping experience with the Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed, the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and ease of use. Treat your best friend to the lap of luxury they deserve.
  • Patented, chew proof, high strength, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.
  • Extruded aluminum rails offer unequaled protection against chewing
  • Frame and corners are corrosion resistant and rust-proof
  • X-Large bed (44x27 size) weighs 11 lbs. allowing staff to easily move when cleaning runs
  • Stands up to repeated cleaning with typical kennel cleaning products
  • Fabric - 40 oz Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Fabric color - Smoke

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Kuranda, Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed, Smoke, 40" X 25" Q&A

What is the material of the dog bed frame?
The frame is made of high-strength anodized aluminum.
How much weight can this bed support?
The bed can support up to 250 lbs.
Is the bed resistant to chewing?
Yes, it features a patented chew-proof design.
What type of fabric is used for the bed?
It uses 40 oz Heavy Duty Vinyl fabric.
Can you clean the bed easily?
Yes, just wipe down or rinse off with a hose to clean.
Is it beneficial for my dog's joints?
Yes, the elevated design relieves joint pressure.
What are the dimensions of the bed?
The bed measures 40 inches by 25 inches.
How does the elevated design benefit my dog?
It ensures even weight distribution and joint relief.
Is the bed odor-resistant?
Yes, odors do not linger in the fabric.
Does it come with a warranty?
Yes, it includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Item Specifications

MaterialAnodized Aluminum
Item Size40" X 25"
CharacteristicsElevated, Orthopedic Comfort
Chew ProofEngineered, Patented design
DurabilitySupports up to 250 lbs.
Corrosion ResistanceFrame and corners
Easy to CleanWipe down or rinse off
Weight of X-Large Bed11 lbs.
Fabric40 oz Heavy Duty Vinyl
Manufacturer Guarantee1 full year

Upgrade to the Lap of Luxury: Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed

Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury for your cherished companion with the Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed, designed with their well-being in mind. Provide orthopedic relief for your dog's joints by eliminating pressure points found on hard ground surfaces. The elevated, cot-style design ensures even weight distribution, preventing sore hips, elbows, and shoulders.

Invest in a durable, chew-proof dog bed that can stand the test of time. With Kuranda's patented design, the fabric is securely tucked inside a special channel in the frame, rendering it completely inaccessible to dogs with a penchant for chewing. Your peace of mind is guaranteed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on this state-of-the-art bed.

Keep the sleeping area fresh and clean with ease. The durable, 40 oz. Heavy Duty Vinyl fabric in a sophisticated Smoke color is resistant to lingering odors and excessive dirt. Simply wipe down or rinse off your dog's bed with a hose for a quick and efficient cleaning.

Lightweight and portable, the high-strength aluminum frame and extruded aluminum rails offer unparalleled protection against chewing while remaining easy to maneuver. The corrosion-resistant and rust-proof materials ensure longevity, while the bed is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs.