• Avery, Layout Mat, KW-1

Avery, Layout Mat, KW-1

by Avery Item #: 903016-75009
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The Avery Layout Mat comes in a KW-1 camo pattern and is a great solution to those times when hunting for ducks or geese you find yourself laying in muddy, wet, or just all-around uncomfortable conditions.

At 28" x 48" this layout matt is the perfect size for almost any occasion. Made of heavy-duty DuraMax fabric it will give you the protection you need in undesirable conditions. It nicely rolls up to fit into your blind bag and it even comes with a shoulder strap for convenient carrying to and from your hunting area.


"A million uses in the field...

There are far more uses for a LayOut Mat than just keeping your backside clean in a muddy field. Roll one out in your pit, blind, or boat for a clean and dry area for your gear, food, etc. Spread one on the shooting deck for better traction in wet or icy conditions. Serious dog handlers give their retrievers a "safe place" in the blind, pit, or boat, and a LayOut Mat is a perfect size and fabric for this purpose. The list goes on and on, but you probably the point - there are endless uses for a 48" x 28" piece of heavy-duty water-resistant fabric that rolls up and stores in your blind bag, but you'll never know until you have one!"

Culley Wilson
Avery Pro-Staff
  • 48" x 28" fits any size hunter
  • Heavy-duty DuraMax fabric
  • Rolls up and fits in your bag
  • Shoulder strap

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