• DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Blades

DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Blades

by Mud River Item #: 1262182-M
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Upgrade Your Hunting Experience with a High-End Neoprene Dog Vest!
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The DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest in Blades - a great accessory to enhance your hunting adventures with your loyal canine companion. This top-of-the-line vest offers remarkable features that cater to the needs of hunting enthusiasts and their trusty sidekicks.

Experience unparalleled camouflage with the Blades pattern, allowing your dog to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding environment. The 9mm neoprene construction ensures optimal warmth retention, providing your dog with unmatched comfort and protection during those chilly hunting expeditions.

Durability is an essential aspect of the Deluxe Dog Vest, featuring double-tacked seams that can withstand the test of time and the rigors of outdoor activities. The full-length Velcro zipper cover shields the zipper from ice and debris, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Functionality meets convenience with the addition of D-Rings, offering a handy leash attachment point. The strategically placed grab handles allow you to effortlessly hoist your dog into the boat or on a stand, making your hunting experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Choose this exceptional vest from Mud River Dog Products and Ducks Unlimited to elevate your hunting experience to new heights.
  • Constructed of 9mm Spandura neoprene
  • Can be customized to fit your dog's body
  • Full-length velcro zipper cover
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Handles for easy pick up of your dog
  • D-Ring for leash attachment
  • Tapered cut

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DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Blades Q&A

What neoprene is the vest made of?
9mm Spandura neoprene
Can the vest fit any dog?
The vest can be customized to fit your dog's body.
What is the main purpose of the vest?
To provide warmth, camouflage, and protection during hunting.
Are attachment options available for leashes?
Yes, D-Rings are provided for leash attachment.
What is the purpose of the double-tacked seams?
To ensure the durability of the vest.
Is there any protection for the zipper?
Yes, a full-length velcro zipper cover is included.
Are handles included for easy pick up?
Yes, the vest includes handles for easy pick up.
Is the vest suitable for waterfowl season?
Yes, it is ideal for waterfowl season.
What is the cut of the vest?
The vest has a tapered cut.
Who are the manufacturers of the vest?
Ducks Unlimited and Mud River Dog Products.

Item Specifications

BrandDucks Unlimited by Mud River
Product NameDeluxe Dog Vest
Material9mm Spandura neoprene
CustomizableCan be customized to fit your dog's body
FeaturesFull-length velcro zipper cover, double-tacked seams, handles, D-Ring for leash attachment
Ideal UseHunting, waterfowl gear, waterfowl season, duck hunting
ManufacturerMud River Dog Products

Experience the Ultimate Hunt with a Neoprene Camo Dog Vest from DU & Mud River

Introducing the DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest - designed to offer your canine partner the best in comfort, protection, and camouflage during your hunting adventures. With 9mm Spandura neoprene construction, expect increased warmth retention to keep your dog cozy and ready for action during waterfowl season.

Thoughtfully crafted, this top-of-the-line vest features double-tacked seams for durability, ensuring it will last countless hunting trips. A full-length velcro zipper cover keeps the zipper safe from ice and debris, while D-Rings provide an easy leash attachment option for convenience.

Designed not only for functionality, but also for style and ease - this vest includes handles for easy pick up, allowing you to effortlessly hoist your dog into the boat or onto a stand. With a tapered cut and customizable fit, your dog will stay secure and hidden in any cover you hunt most. Don't compromise on quality - trust DU by Mud River for your neoprene dog vest needs.