Retriev-R-Trainer, The Works Hand Held Gun Dog Kit

by Retriev-R-Trainer Item #: 1015020-00600K
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The Works is our version of the Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit that. We think that if you buy a kit as nice as this it should include just a little bit more.

The Works will help develop working retrievers by sending dummies farther - faster - and with greater accuracy. Using this The Works Launcher Kit is also a great way to exercise your gun dog and instill their natural desire to retrieve. More realistic because the "shot" which propels the dummy is almost simultaneous with the flight of the dummy - this type of action really sparks a dog!

We include 200 more rounds of power loads so you have the full compliment of charges for all types of training scenarios. The Green charges will launch a dummy approximately 150 ft, the Yellow charges out to 175 ft and finally, the Red charges will go an amazing 200 ft. These distances can be varied by the angle used to launch the dummy.

And since the Works Launcher Kit's launcher is made from metal it will last for years. It's safe when used with the charges specified. The rubber handle will allow a good grip for optimum control. For all the good this will do for a dog, maybe the best thing about it is that it's fun! Dogs seem to get a "buzz" going for the long high ones!
  • (1) Launcher
  • (1) canvas dummy with tail
  • (1) PVC dummy
  • 100 Green (light) loads
  • 100 Yellow (medium) loads
  • 100 Heavy (red) loads
  • (1) Cleaning kit
  • Carrying case

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