• Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA
  • Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA
  • Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA
  • Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA

Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA

by Browning Item #: 1304195-48277
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Experience maximum brightness with the compact Browning Epic Headlamp
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Very compact. Very bright.

The Browning Epic Headlamp combines single-battery power with multiple LED lamp heads and high-output circuits to deliver maximum performance, along with the minimal size and weight. A flexible elastomer head plate makes the Epic so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing one.

Made to work while you work. The advanced ergonomic design keeps the light close to your head to keep a steady beam on the subject, even when you are active or in motion. They’re rugged and ready to roll on an Epic adventure.

A quality headlamp can make a huge difference to the hunter heading to his stand or blind in the dark not to mention those of us who have dressed (or boned out) big game in the dark. The Browning Epic Headlamp has the proven quality and performance you expect, as voted on by readers in the Game & Fish 2016 Readers' Choice Awards.

  • Max Lumens 20
  • Low Lumens 8
  • Length 2"
  • Effective Distance 27 yds
  • Battery Type AA
  • Number of Batteries 1
  • Number of Bulbs 4
  • Bulb Type LED
  • Beam Type Spot
  • Brightness Levels High
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Waterproof No
  • Submersible No
  • Floatable No

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Browning, Headlamp, Epic 1AA Q&A

What is the output of the Browning Epic 1AA Headlamp?
The output is 20 Max Lumens and 8 Low Lumens.
What is the effective distance of the light?
The effective distance is 27 yards.
What type of battery does it use?
It uses a single AA battery.
How many bulbs does the headlamp have?
There are 4 LED bulbs in the headlamp.
What type of beam does the headlamp produce?
The headlamp produces a beam type spot.
Is the headlamp water-resistant?
Yes, the headlamp is water-resistant.
What award has the Browning Epic 1AA Headlamp won?
It won the Game & Fish 2016 Readers' Choice Awards.
What makes the headlamp comfortable to wear?
The flexible elastomer head plate ensures maximum comfort.
How does the headlamp maintain a steady beam?
Its advanced ergonomic design keeps the light steady during motion.
Is the headlamp suitable for hunting?
Yes, it is perfect for hunting and other outdoor adventures.

Item Specifications

ModelEpic 1AA
Maximum Lumens20
Low Lumens8
Effective Distance27 yds
Battery TypeAA
Number of Batteries1
Number of Bulbs4
Bulb TypeLED
Beam TypeSpot
Brightness LevelsHigh
Water ResistantYes
Other Namesbaseball hat light, browning cap light, browning flashlight, browning lamp, cap light, epic 1aa, flashlight, green headlamp, headlamp, headlamp green led, headlamp green light, hunting hat headlamp

Brighten Your Adventures with the Compact and Powerful Browning Epic 1AA Headlamp

Discover the power and performance of the Browning Epic 1AA Headlamp, designed to brighten your outdoor adventures with its compact size, high-output circuits, and multiple LED lamp heads. Its flexible elastomer head plate ensures maximum comfort for the user, making it a great companion for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Built for rugged adventures, the Browning Epic Headlamp features an advanced ergonomic design that keeps the light steady even during motion. With a water-resistant design, 20 Max Lumens output, and a 27-yards effective distance, it is perfect for any outdoor situation.

Winner of the Game & Fish 2016 Readers' Choice Awards, the Browning Epic 1AA Headlamp has proven its quality and performance. Make a great difference on your next hunting expedition with this compact, bright, and versatile headlamp.