• Ruffwear, Bark'n Boots Skyliner Boots, Green, Medium, (NEW)

Ruffwear, Bark'n Boots Skyliner Boots, Green, Medium, (NEW)

by RuffWear Item #: DDD-010
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Upgrade Your Dog's Paw Protection with Ruffwear Skyliner Boots
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Great dog boots at a great price!

Measurement based on the width of the paw - 2.25 - 2.50 inches


  • Low-profile non-marking outsole
  • Durable synthetic suede protects paws
  • Adjustable closure strap for secure, customized fit
  • Stretch cuff keeps out dirt and debris

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Ruffwear, Bark'n Boots Skyliner Boots, Green, Medium, (NEW) Q&A

Are these boots suitable for use on hot pavement?
Yes, these boots protect paws from hot pavement.
What size paws do the medium boots fit?
Medium boots fit paws 2.25-2.50 inches wide.
Can these boots be used in snow?
Yes, these boots are suitable for snowy conditions.
Are the boots adjustable for a secure fit?
Yes, they have an adjustable closure strap for a customized fit.
Do the boots have a stretch cuff to keep out dirt and debris?
Yes, the stretch cuff prevents dirt and debris from entering.
Are these boots appropriate for hunting trips?
Yes, these boots are an excellent choice for hunting trips.
Can I use these boots for hiking with my dog?
Yes, they are perfect for hiking adventures with your dog.
Do these boots offer good traction on various surfaces?
Yes, the low-profile, non-marking outsole provides excellent traction.
What material is used for the boots?
The boots are made of durable synthetic suede.
Are these boots limited to a specific dog breed or size?
No, they are compatible with various dog breeds and sizes.

Item Specifications

ProductBark'n Boots Skyliner Boots
MeasurementBased on the width of the paw - 2.25 - 2.50 inches
FeaturesLow-profile non-marking outsole, Durable synthetic suede protects paws, Adjustable closure strap for secure customized fit, Stretch cuff keeps out dirt and debris
UsesSkyliner booties for big dogs, deluxe hunting dog boots, dog boots for hot pavement, dog boots for hunting, dog boots for snow, dog boots for summer, dog boots for winter, dog shoes for hiking, hunting dog boots

Enhance Your Dog's Comfort with Ruffwear Bark'n Boots Skyliner - Green Medium Boots

Introducing the Ruffwear Bark'n Boots Skyliner, a fantastic solution to protect your dog's paws from various weather conditions and rough terrain. These green, medium-sized boots are perfect for your active canine companion and will ensure that they can comfortably walk, run, or hike alongside you.

Featuring a low-profile, non-marking outsole, the Ruffwear Bark'n Boots Skyliner provides excellent traction for your dog on various surfaces. The durable synthetic suede protects their paws from hot pavement in the summer months, and icy cold ground during winter.

A standout feature of these boots is the adjustable closure strap, which guarantees a customized and secure fit for your dog. The stretch cuff ensures that no dirt or debris gets inside, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for their paws.

These boots are not only limited to casual walks, but they also perform exceptionally well during hunting trips with your canine partner. The Skyliner boots are a great investment for safeguarding your dog's paws, whether they're hiking in the mountains or sprinting through the snow.