• Kronch Pemmikan, Dog Energy Bar

Kronch Pemmikan, Dog Energy Bar

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Kronch Pemmikan is an energy bar for dogs that really need to perform, or dogs that for other reasons need a concentrated energy boost. Kronch Pemmikan allows you to feed your dog a large amount of energy from a small amount of feed. This prevents the dog's stomach and intestine from overfilling, while also providing the dog with the energy it needs.

Pemmikan replaces lost energy in highly active competitive dogs, show dogs, gun dogs, guard dogs, sled dogs, police dogs, agility and fly-ball dogs.

Kronch Pemmikan may be used when the dog needs to perform at it's best. It is suitable for working dogs taking part in hunts and competitions, or for pregnant dogs, nursing dogs or dogs undergoing rehabilitation.

Feeding Instructions -

3.5oz - 7oz of Pemmikan is given per day, depending on the dog's weight and activity level. The effect sets in after about half an hour, and the full effect occurs after 1-1½ hours.

It can be advantageous to split the daily ration in many smaller portions, in order to maintain a constant level of performance throughout the day.

*The above is based on a dog weighing 55 lbs

Total Weight - 14 oz


*Vegetable Oil
*Brewers Yeast
*Vitamins/minerals mix


*Crude Protein - 24.0%

*Crude Fat - 59.0%

*Crude Ash - 5.5%

*Crude Fiber - 0.5%

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