• 3 Gallon Heated Fountain Combo Pack

3 Gallon Heated Fountain Combo Pack

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The 3 Gallon Heated Fountain Combo Pack is the perfect solution for winter and summer water for your dog training birds. Whether you're using pigeons, quail, chukar or pheasants, this waterer will get you through both the winter and summer.

This combo pack includes a heated winter base with a 5' electrical cord, a 3 gallon fountain jar and a non-heated summer base. Don't use your winter base during the summer and have something ruin it. Put that winter heated base up and use the summer base. To make your life even easier the heated fountain jar can be filled through the base utilizing an easily removable screw cap.

  • Heated Winter Base with 5' cord
  • Fountain Jar
  • Non-heated Summer Base

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