• Fiocchi, .22 Caliber Blank

Fiocchi, .22 Caliber Blank

by Fiocchi Item #: 1081020-01199
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These Fiocchi .22 caliber long blanks are designed to be used in a .22 caliber firearm only, like a .22 caliber blank or starter pistol used in hunting dog training or by track and field starters.

These are a crimp style blank that are moderately loud but not quite as loud as the Winchester .22 caliber blank or a 209 primer. Great for training hunting dogs to the shot.

As of this post these blanks are okay to be used in AKC field trials and hunt tests but please consult the governing body of the event that you plan to participate in to make sure they accept the Fiocchi blanks. Rules change from time to time.

Please remember that .22 caliber blanks are only designed to be used in .22 caliber firearms. Please consult your blank pistol manufactures recommendations for the blanks that are to be used in their equipment.

200 count per box

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