• Horse Tie Out, Stake ONLY, Stainless Steel

Horse Tie Out, Stake ONLY, Stainless Steel

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This Horse Stake is made of 100% 3/4" stainless steel. At 28" long it is the perfect length for staking your horse out during field trials, trail rides, etc.

Simply slide the O-Ring onto the stake and hammer it into the ground. Attach one end of a picket line to the O-ring and the other to your horse's halter and you are good to go. The horse will be able to move about as the O-Ring moves around the stake.

Always make sure that you do not leave any animal unattended while using this product.

Includes - Stainless Steel Stake and O-Ring
  • 3/4" Stainless steel rod
  • Stainless steel rod is approximately 28" long
  • Rod is tapered at the end for easy driving into the ground
  • Includes O-Ring

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