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Rapid Healing with EMT Spray
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Experience rapid healing with EMT Spray®, an innovative product designed for effective wound care in animals. This revolutionary product is a must-have in every pet owner's first aid kit. EMT Spray is a light, non-stinging formulation that blends Type I hydrolyzed collagen with Bitrex™, the world's bitterest substance to taste.

EMT Spray®'s unique formulation provides a host of benefits. The hydrolyzed collagen promotes faster wound healing and recovery. It is perfect for treating hot spots, scrapes, burns, and wounds that are sensitive to touch or cover a large area.

The inclusion of Bitrex™ acts as a deterrent to fur and skin biting and licking, which can hamper the healing process or lead to further complications. It effectively prevents your pet from licking the affected area, ensuring a rapid and uninterrupted healing process.

With EMT Spray®, you'll have a quick and efficient solution for your pet's wounds. It's not just a healing spray, it's a vital tool for maintaining your pet's overall health and well-being. Invest in EMT Spray® and provide the best care for your beloved pet.
  • Promotes rapid healing
  • Reduces pain and itching
  • Reduces biting/licking of wounds
  • Protects wounds

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EMT Spray Q&A

How can EMT Spray help with my dog's wound healing?
EMT Spray promotes rapid healing, reduces pain and itching, and prevents biting and licking of wounds.
Is EMT Spray suitable for sensitive wounds?
Yes, EMT Spray is perfect for sensitive wounds as it provides gentle care while promoting healing.
Can I use this spray on burns or large-area wounds?
Absolutely, EMT Spray is ideal for treating burns and large-area wounds effectively.
What is Bitrix and how does it help?
Bitrix is a bitter additive in EMT Spray that helps deter your dog from licking the wounded area.
Where should I keep my EMT Spray?
It is a good idea to keep an EMT Spray in your first aid kit, kennel, and vehicle.
Can EMT Spray cause any harm to my pet?
EMT Spray is safe for use on dogs and aims to promote pet wellness and recovery.
How does EMT Spray provide protection to wounds?
The spray's unique formulation of collagen and Bitrix ensures that the wound is protected and undisturbed by your pet.
How is EMT Spray useful for dog trainers and kennel keepers?
It serves as a fast-acting wound-care solution in case of injuries, ensuring the dog's well-being and health.
What are the key ingredients in EMT Spray?
EMT Spray's main ingredients are collagen and Bitrix, which promote rapid healing and prevent licking.
Does EMT Spray reduce the itchiness of hot spots and scrapes?
Yes, EMT Spray effectively minimizes itchiness, providing relief to your pet.

Item Specifications

EMT SprayIdeal for helping heal hot spots, scraps, burns, and wounds
FormulationContains collagen and Bitrix, a bitter additive
Purpose of BitrixHelps stop your dog from licking the wound
Where to KeepFirst aid kit, kennel, and in your truck
PromotesRapid healing
ReducesPain, itching, biting/licking of wounds
Useful forDog wound care, dog wound care products, dog wound spray
Other NamesEMT spray for dogs, EMT wound spray, first aid EMT spray, healing EMT spray

Fast-Acting EMT Spray for Dog Wounds

Discover the power of EMT Spray in assisting the fast healing of hot spots, scrapes, burns, and wounds in dogs. The unique formulation boasts ingredients like collagen and Bitrix, both of which promote rapid recovery and wound protection.

The innovative EMT Spray is perfect for dog owners, trainers, and kennel keepers alike. Utilize this must-have first aid solution to keep your pet happy and healthy. With its bitter additive, Bitrix, your dog will be discouraged from licking the wound, ensuring proper healing.