• Houndsman Deluxe, Small Truck, 2 Dog, Top Storage

Houndsman Deluxe, Small Truck, 2 Dog, Top Storage

Item #: 1035010-M
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$845.00 - $905.00$845.00
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With this Deer Creek Houndsman Deluxe Dog Box your gun dogs will arrive safe and comfortable and ready for a full day of hunting. When the hunting is done and it's time to head home they will sleep away the hours in comfort.

The Houndsman Deluxe Dog Box is one of the best-built dog boxes on the market and will last you many years of great hunting. The gun dogs you have now and the ones you have in the future will enjoy this dog box year after year.


* Double wall construction
* .030 gauge smooth aluminum outer skin
* 3 mm lauan interior sheathing
* Controlled air flow slider vent on sides
* Aluminum doors
* 1/2" plywood floors


* Insulation
* Handles
* O-rings (2)
* Aluminum doors with door covers
* Diamond tread plate trim


Approximate 3 week lead time for all deliveries.

Shipping cost quote is required and the minimum shipping amount regardless of location is $188.92, an additional $25.00 is added for crating. Additional shipping may apply depending upon your location.

Additionally, there is a $100.00 Residential Surcharge for delivery to any residential address and the customer is required to unload the truck. It is highly advised that there be at least 2 - 4 people to unload.

A complete inspection of shipped merchandise must be made prior to the truck driver leaving delivery location. If upon inspection there is any damage to the merchandise then customer and driver need to document said damages for insurance purposes. If driver leaves prior to inspection customer agrees to accept delivered merchandise in an "as is" condition and waives all claims. NO EXCEPTIONS

Please call DOGS Unlimited at 800/338-DOGS (3647) for details.
  • White or silver standard exterior color
  • Additional colors available
  • 38" Wide x 46" Long
  • These boxes are standard at 26" Tall external height with runners attached
  • Doors are 13.5" Wide x 14.25" Tall
  • Headroom in dog compartment is 17.5" Tall
  • Carpeted Storage with gun divider
  • Lockable Hasp
  • Storage Depth - 5.25"

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