• QRT Game Bird Feeder

QRT Game Bird Feeder

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Recent research suggests that supplemental feeding increases nest productivity and improves survival and reproduction of quail! This QRT Game Bird Feeder is designed specifically to feed crumbly type feeds, such as the hen laying formula mentioned in the latest supplemental feeding research! Because the feed troughs in this exclusively designed feeder are protected, unlike today's typical feeders, feed is moisture-free, reducing clogging and producing less waste than with other feeders. The plastic construction discourages condensation, which keeps your feed dry. This innovative feeder is also designed to discourage use by turkeys. All of which saves you money and time! This feeder will set the standard for feeders to come!

The Game Bird Feeder will also adjust to feed different types and sizes of seed, such as corn, milo, wheat and soybeans! Because of its large holding capacity (between 200 and 250 lbs depending on seed weight) it is low maintenance and requires less attention from you! This sturdy, UV-protected feeder designed out of polyethylene plastic will last at least 20 years in normal conditions. Be sure to add this indispensable item to your quail management program! Best benefits result from one feeder for every ten acres of usable property!


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