• Mendota, Ultimate Whistle Lanyard

Mendota, Ultimate Whistle Lanyard

by Mendota Pet Item #: 904075-M
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The Ultimate Lanyard is a lanyard that will hold your whistles, count flushes of two different species of birds and guide you out of the woods (compass only available on Camo and Yellow versions) when it's finally time to head back to the car.

The Mendota Ultimate Lanyard, the lanyard that all others are compared when it comes to total functionality. Simple in design, the Ultimate Lanyard has two clasps for whistles, two flush counters and a compass (compass only available on Camo and Yellow versions), all on Mendota's famous braid material that is soft on the neck.

The whistles in the picture are sold separately.
  • Different color material
  • Two whistle clasps
  • Two flush counters
  • One compass on Camo and Hi-Viz Yellow, Not on Orange
  • Leather accents

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