• Favorite Ways to Train your Bird Dog by Mark Payton, Sr.

Favorite Ways to Train your Bird Dog by Mark Payton, Sr.

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What's unique about this book is that Mark Payton describes multiple techniques to teach all of the basic pointing dog skills. He trains dogs' part time for the public and doesn't use ONE method for all dogs. Trainers should know multiple ways to train, because some techniques work better with some dogs, and other techniques work better with other dogs.

Here's what some of the most successful trainers and handlers in the history of bird dogs have to say about Favorite Ways to Train Your Bird Dog:

"I am impressed with the training methods in Mark's book. I have used a number of these methods for years, and they have worked for me. I would recommend that anyone interested in training their own dog or thinking of going pro read Mark's book."

Hoyle Eaton

"Very informative. Should be of great help to anyone interested in getting into pointing dogs."

Ferrel Miller

"Mark did a real good job of describing the fundamentals."

Rich Robertson

"What I like about this book was how Mark explained the different types of training from pup through adult stages. Also, the different ways to solve problems with easy to read and understand solutions. The illustrations were excellent. Very impressive book."

George Tracy

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