• Field Guide to Dog First Aid by Randy Acker, DVM

Field Guide to Dog First Aid by Randy Acker, DVM

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Comprehensive Guide for Dog Emergencies in the Field
This new edition includes much new and updated material and features a lay-flat soft cover binding. There are new sections on stapling and gluing wounds, releasing dogs caught in traps, examining your dog, and updated material throughout. Other problems in the field, such as snakebites, poisoning, choking, gunshot wounds, cuts, eye and ear problems, broken bones, and more are covered in detail. Nothing can make you feel more helpless than being far from a veterinarian with a seriously injured dog. This is an essential book for any dog owner and especially for anyone venturing afield with a dog.

"Whatever bad happens in the field happens fast. The dog's man must know first aid. Eureka, here comes a great vet to put together the first aid book your dog needs. Buy it, keep it close, and use it. The life of your priceless dog may depend on the few bucks it takes to buy this book."

Bill Tarrant
Former gun dog editor for Field & Stream

This is the first pocket field guide that covers the injuries and problems that your dog can encounter in the field, presenting the symptoms and treatment. Some of the things you'll find in the comprehensive guide include:

* Allergies
* Bleeding / lacerations
* Breathing problems
* Collapse and weakness
* Drowning
* Foot & pad injuries
* Gunshot wounds
* Hypothermia / frostbite
* Poisons
* Snakebite
* Vomiting
* Pests (animal & insect)
* Bones (fractures & dislocations)
* Burns / scalding
* Diarrhea
* Ear & eye injuries
* Fish hook injuries
* Heat stroke
* Lameness
* Shock
* Stomach Torsion
* Disabling Head and Leg Traps

4 1/4" x 7"
91 pages

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Field Guide to Dog First Aid by Randy Acker, DVM Q&A

Who is the author of the field guide?
Randy Acker, DVM
What are some of the topics covered in the guide?
Snakebites, poisoning, gunshot wounds, broken bones, and more
Is this book useful for everyday emergencies?
Yes, it covers common issues such as cuts, eye and ear problems, and allergies
What is the size of the book?
4 1/4" x 7" and 91 pages
How is this edition of the guide different from previous versions?
This new edition has updated material, new sections, and a lay-flat soft cover binding
What are some new sections in this edition?
Stapling and gluing wounds, releasing dogs from traps, and examining your dog
Can this book help me prevent injuries to my dog in the field?
While prevention is always best, this guide provides essential information to treat injuries if they do occur
Does the guide cover the topic of heat stroke?
Yes, it includes information on heat stroke and its treatment
What should I do if my dog encounters a snakebite in the field?
The guide covers the symptoms and treatment of snakebites in detail
Are fractures and dislocations addressed in the book?
Yes, bone injuries such as fractures and dislocations are covered

Item Specifications

Book TitleField Guide to Dog First Aid
AuthorRandy Acker, DVM
Book Content- Stapling and gluing wounds - Releasing dogs caught in traps - Examining dogs - Updated material throughout
FocusInjuries/problems encountered in the field, symptoms, and their treatments
Covered Issues- Allergies - Bleeding - Breathing - Collapse - Drowning - Foot injuries - Gunshot wounds - Hypothermia
Book Dimensions4 1/4" x 7"
Number of Pages91
Other DescriptionsBest dog first aid book, bird dog first aid book, gundog first aid book, hunting dog first aid book

Field Guide to Dog First Aid: Essential Emergency Treatment for Canine Field Injuries

The Field Guide to Dog First Aid by Randy Acker, DVM, is an indispensable resource for dog owners, providing comprehensive information on injuries and treatment for dogs in the field. With updated material and a lay-flat soft cover binding, this guide covers a wide range of potential issues, from snakebites and poisoning to broken bones and allergic reactions.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle emergencies in the field with this essential guide, which covers symptoms and treatments for various injuries and problems that your dog may encounter. In addition to common issues such as gunshot wounds, eye and ear problems, and cuts, new sections on stapling and gluing wounds, releasing dogs from traps, and examining your dog have been added.

As an important addition to any dog owner's collection, this Field Guide to Dog First Aid is especially crucial when venturing into the great outdoors with your canine companion. It could make all the difference in difficult situations far from a veterinarian, giving you the tools to potentially save your dog's life.