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  • Marking Dummy System

Marking Dummy System

by Flagman Item #: 1077010-M
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Enhance Retriever Training Sessions with Marking Dummies
$5.95 - $8.95$5.95
Give the novice dog every opportunity for success! These marking dummies will always be in contrast to whatever background or cover is used, so your dog has an easier time following them to the actual site of the fall. Tumbling action in the air draws your dog's attention.

The black and white streamers, which are included with your purchase of the Regular sized dummy are great for catching your dog's eye during training sessions. They also allow for added contrast when the dummy is on the ground or in the water.

The black and white marking dummy will catch your dogs' eye every training session, whether you're working in the water or on the ground. The black and white streamers will also help your dog be successful during your retriever training exercises.

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Marking Dummy System Q&A

What is the purpose of the marking dummy system?
The purpose of the marking dummy system is to enhance retriever training sessions for novice dogs and improve their retrieval skills on land and in water.
What kind of visibility does the marking dummy system provide?
The marking dummy system provides high-contrast visibility with its black and white colors and streamers, making it easy for dogs to spot on any background.
Can the marking dummy system be used in water?
Yes, the marking dummy system is designed to be versatile and can be used during water training exercises as well as on land.
What is the benefit of the tumbling action of the dummies?
The tumbling action of the dummies draws the dog's attention, helping improve their tracking and marking skills during training sessions.
What sizes are available for the pup dummies?
There are two sizes available - Small Pup Dummy (8" L x 1 1/4" D) and Regular Pup Dummy (9" L x 2" D, includes 9" streamer).
What are the advantages of using streamers during training?
The streamers add an extra layer of contrast, making it easier for your dog to spot the dummy's landing and creating a more successful learning experience.
Are the streamers included with both sizes of the pup dummies?
No, the streamers are only included with the Regular size Pup Dummy.
Why is contrast important in training sessions?
Contrast is important because it helps the dog easily spot the marking dummy against any background, which improves their tracking, marking and retrieval skills.
Are the marking dummies suitable for dogs other than retrievers?
Yes, the marking dummies can be useful for any dog that requires training in tracking, marking, and retrieval, but they are specifically designed for novice retrievers.
What is the overall benefit of using marking dummies?
The use of marking dummies enhances training sessions and helps develop a strong learning foundation for dogs, improving their retrieval skills and increasing the chances of success in the future.

Item Specifications

Size: Small Pup Dummy8" L X 1 1/4" D (Streamer not included)
Size: Regular Pup Dummy9" L x 2" D with 9" streamer
PurposeGive the novice dog every opportunity for success
VisibilityAlways in contrast to background or cover
Tumbling actionDraws dog's attention
StreamersIncluded with Regular sized dummy, black and white for visibility
UsabilityWorks in water or on the ground
Types of TrainingRetriever training, water dog training, retrieval training
Flagman black white marking dummiesDuck dog marking training, retriever marking training, marking dummies
Bumpers and dummiesRetriever training bumper, retriever training dummy, water dog training bumpers, water dog training dummies

Marking Dummy System for Successful Retriever Training

Introducing our Marking Dummy System designed to enhance retriever training sessions for novice dogs. Our high-contrast dummies are perfect for boosting your dog's retrieval skills on land and in water.

The system features two sizes of pup dummies, along with black and white streamers for added visibility. Capturing your dog's attention, these marking dummies help create a successful learning experience for any novice retriever.

With tumbling action in the air, the high-visibility dummies catch the eye of your dog and improve their tracking skills. The streamers provide an extra layer of contrast, making it easier for your dog to follow and mark the dummy's landing spot.

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