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  • Training the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition by Chuck Johnson

Training the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition by Chuck Johnson

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Unlock Canine Hunting Prowess with Chuck Johnson's Expanded 2nd Edition Training Guide
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Experience the ultimate guide to versatile hunting dog training with the "Training the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition" by Chuck Johnson. A master in versatile gun dog training, Chuck Johnson has dedicated 25 years to the training and nurturing of versatile hunting dogs. As the esteemed editor of Pointing Dog Journal, his expansive knowledge and unique techniques are now available to you in this revolutionary book.

Designed specifically for popular versatile hunting breeds such as German Shorthairs, Wirehairs, Griffons, Vizslas, and Weimaraners, this guide unlocks the hidden potential of your canine companion. Johnson's approach allows your young dog to first develop their natural abilities such as desire, search, pointing, and tracking. Once these skills are honed, the guide leads you through the process of control training, force breaking to retrieve, and 'whoa' training, ensuring your dog is well-rounded in all aspects of hunting.

The versatile breeds also have a love for water, and Johnson's guide doesn't neglect this. Detailed chapters show you how to train your dog to be an outstanding water retriever, providing a comprehensive training approach that is sure to elevate your hunting experience.

This expanded 2nd edition is compact and easy to carry, measuring 6" x 9". It’s filled with black and white photos that perfectly illustrate the techniques and methods described. Published by Wilderness Adventure Press, "Training the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition" by Chuck Johnson is the perfect companion for anyone looking to enhance their versatile bird dog training skills.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or new to the game, this Chuck Johnson hunting dog training book is the key to developing a versatile, skilled, and efficient hunting companion. Unleash your dog's hunting prowess with this essential guide.

6" x 9"

B&W photos

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Training the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition by Chuck Johnson Q&A

Who is the author of this book?
Chuck Johnson
Which edition of the book is this?
Expanded 2nd Edition
What is the unique approach to dog training in this book?
Developing a dog's natural abilities first
What skills are emphasized in this book?
Desire, search, pointing, and tracking
When should the controls be put on the dog's training?
After the first hunting season
Which breeds are best suited for this training approach?
German Shorthairs, Wirehairs, Griffons, Vizslas, and Weimaraners
What aspect of training does this book cover in detail?
Water retriever training
What is the size of the book?
6 x 9 inches
Are there photos in the book?
Yes, the book contains black and white photos
What position does Chuck Johnson hold in the Pointing Dog Journal?
Versatile Hunting Dog editor

Item Specifications

Book TitleTraining the Versatile Hunting Dog, Expanded 2nd Edition
AuthorChuck Johnson
ExperienceOwned and trained versatile hunting dogs for 25 years; Versatile Hunting Dog editor of Pointing Dog Journal
Training ApproachEmphasizes letting young dogs develop natural abilities before putting on controls, force breaking to retrieve, and whoa training
Water Retrieval TrainingDetailed chapters on training dogs to be outstanding water retrievers
Breed FocusGerman Shorthairs, wirehairs, griffons, Vizslas, and Weimaraners
Book Dimensions6" x 9"
Book FeaturesB&W photos
Key PhrasesChuck Johnson hunting dog training book, versatile bird dog training, versatile gun dog training, versatile hunting dog training, pointing dog training, german shorthair training, wirehair training, griffon training, vizsla training, weimaraner training, Chuck Johnson, hunting dog training, versatile hunting dog, german shorthair

Master the Art of Training Versatile Hunting Dogs with Chuck Johnson

Discover the secrets to training a versatile hunting dog with Chuck Johnson's expanded 2nd edition guide. Learn how to develop your dog's natural abilities, desire, search, pointing, and tracking to create a great hunting partner.

In this revolutionary book, Chuck Johnson shares his unique approach to training versatile hunting breeds, like German Shorthairs, Wirehairs, Griffons, Vizslas, and Weimaraners. Unleash your dog's potential with after the first hunting season.

Turn your dog into an outstanding water retriever with the detailed chapters provided in this comprehensive book. Master the techniques and witness the remarkable transformation of your hunting companion.

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