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  • Remington, .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges

Remington, .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges

by Remington Item #: 1081030-06310
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Get Quality Blank Cartridges for Your Training
Out of stock but available to order

When purchasing this item please use the PRINT & SEND Option when paying. After you have submitted the order you will be presented with an Order Number. Please call Dogs Unlimited at 800-338-3647 and give us this order number. We can accept payment over the phone.

Experience the superior quality of Remington .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges, designed to deliver a loud and noticeable sound that is essential for American Field Championship trials. These cartridges are also suitable for AKC trials and hunt tests, making them a versatile choice for all your training needs.

These .32 caliber blanks set themselves apart from the rest with their clean burn, leaving less residue on your gun as compared to traditional black powder blanks. This means you can spend more time training and less time cleaning your gun.

Please note, that these .32 blanks are specifically designed to be used in .32 caliber blank pistols and should not be used in any other caliber pistol. Each box contains 50 rounds ensuring you have ample supply for your training sessions.

One of the unique selling points of these Remington .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges is their outstanding loudness, an essential feature for effective dog training.

Order your Remington .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges from Dogs Unlimited today! Please call us at 800-338-3647 to place your order. Note that these items can only be shipped via UPS Ground.

Choose Remington, the trusted name in blank cartridges, for quality, reliability, and performance.

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Remington, .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges Q&A

What caliber are these blank cartridges?
.32 Caliber
How many rounds are included per box?
50 rounds
Which company manufactures these blank cartridges?
What kind of trials can these blanks be used for?
American Field Championship and AKC trials
How do these blanks differ from black powder blanks?
They leave less residue on the gun
How are these blank cartridges shipped?
Via UPS Ground
What kinds of dog training are these cartridges suitable for?
Bird dog, gun dog, and hunting dog training
In which type of pistol can I use these blank cartridges?
.32 caliber blank pistols only
How loud are these blank cartridges?
Extremely loud
Do I need to check any governing rules before using in competitions?
Yes, it's advisable to check rules before entering any competition

Item Specifications

TypeBlank Cartridges
CleanlinessLeaves less residue compared to black powder blanks
VolumeExtremely loud
CompatibilityFor most American Field Championship trials (AFC) and AKC trials and hunt tests (always check the governing rules)
UsageOnly for .32 caliber blank pistols (NOT for any other caliber pistol)
ShippingOnly via UPS Ground
Quantity per box50 rounds

Remington .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges: Loud, Clean and Reliable

Experience the benefits of Remington's .32 Caliber Blank Cartridges with their clean and loud performance, ideal for various dog training situations. These cartridges are preferred for American Field Championship trials and are suitable for AKC trials and hunt tests as well.

Offering 50 rounds per box, Remington .32 Blanks can only be shipped via UPS Ground. Their design ensures compatibility with .32 caliber blank pistols, providing an exceptional training experience for bird dogs, gun dogs, and hunting dogs.

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