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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Neck Strap, Reflective & Reversible, 2" Wide
Neck Strap, Reflective & Reversible, 2" Wide
The slick material on the Reflective and Reversible Neck Strap is easy to clean and is highly visible at a quarter mile - especially at night when lights hit it.

When slipped over your good dog's neck, this new style neck strap allows for the elastic to be hidden by the reflective material giving you more reflective surface material in which to see your dog.

5 out of 5 stars Good product but consider 2-collar rule, 2/22/2013 3:30:50 PM
By: Michael - See all my reviews
This is a convenient collar for field trialing. You only need to own one because it's reversible, and you can flip to the other color at the line if you forget if you're top or bottom dog or it has changed last minute. It is good to have on hand. However, AKC requires no more than two collars on a dog. This collar obviously has nowhere to attach a lead and if you use a tracking collar such as the Garmin DC-30, it also has no good place to attach a lead. Therefore, it may be more convenient to get two of the wide colored buckle collars with a D ring so that you have an easy way to attach/detach a lead. Plus you can add a name plate to a buckle collar which is added comfort. As for durability, I used one of these for a couple years before going to a colored leather buckle and it held up well.

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