Lovett's Electronics, Lowtone Hawk (LTH) Beeper Collar
Lovett's Electronics, Lowtone Hawk (LTH) Beeper Collar
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* Waterproof, rotating, coin operated on/off switch molded in the side to eliminate accidental turn offs. Can be turned on or off in the field without turn on plugs or magnets.

* Speaker is mounted on the collar to ride on to of the dog's neck. This will make the beeper easier to be heard by the hunter, easier on the dog's ears and will help keep it out of mud and snow.

* The wires are embedded in the collar which reduces or eliminates the chance of broken wires.

* Around the rim of the battery compartment is a molded O-ring to insure the compartment is watertight when the bottom plate is installed.

* For convenience of programming in the field, abbreviated instructions are printed on the bottom of the battery cover.

* If two dogs are put on the ground at the same time, it is easy to set the beepers on different programs to distinguish between the dogs.

* The entire case is made of molded polyurethane. It has no sharp edges to cut or bruise the dog. It is completely waterproof.

* The beeper is mounted on a collar. The hunter orange collar has high visibility. The collar is soil and odor resistant and water repellant. The collar can be cut and holes added without burning or melting like conventional nylon.