DE Systems Border Patrol TC1 Add On Collar
DE Systems Border Patrol TC1 Add On Collar
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* Waterproof Collar: 3.25" x 1.75" x 1.75" 10 oz (27" strap)

* Recommended for dogs 30 lbs or larger

* Expandable to 5 dogs - Add-on (TC1-Add) collars

* Warning Zone notifications - collar can be programmed to Vibration or Audible Beep
(other options for Warning Zone notifications are Vibration or Beep followed by delayed Stimulation)

* 50 levels of stimulation in Stimulation Zone for Wireless Containment

* 50 adjustable intensity levels for Remote Training

* Nick and Continuous Stimulation as well as positive vibration

* JUMP Stimulation and RISE Stimulation

* Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
(Battery Life varies depending on settings: typically 12-24 hours for collar)