Lovett's Electronics, Beeper/Trainer Combo
Lovett's Electronics, Beeper/Trainer Combo

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* One half mile range on flat terrain.

* Five levels of stimulation voltage and beeper activated by the transmitter.

* Secure address codes with 12 million possibilities.

* New waterproof rotary coin slot ON/OFF system with flashing power indicator LED.

* Completely waterproof transmitter and receiver.

* Top mounted loud low tone speaker.

* Speaker wiring embedded in the collar.

* All beeper controls are done at the transmitter (no dip switches).

* New call and warning functions.

* Spare cover plate screws are included in the battery compartment of both units.

* Both units use readily available 9 volt Duracell batteries.

* Stainless steel shock probes for less irritation (two lengths supplied)