Happy Jack, Mitex Pesticidal
Happy Jack, Mitex Pesticidal
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Happy Jack Mitex Pesticidal is an effective pesticide in a handy self-applicator bottle for treating ear mites in dogs and cats.

5 out of 5 stars Small writting Big difference, 6/26/2013 1:24:53 PM
By: Shelly from NC - See all my reviews - Permalink

I love all of Happy Jack products, it's all I use now for my American Pit Bull Terrier, I use to buy hartz, sergents, and vet clinic product. To get descent results you would practically have to use mostly all of the product in one setting to get results, but not with Happy Jack, It really works.. It's a wonderful product line, a little pricey, but for results I don't mind paying for a good product. Plus it costs a lot less than a trip to the Vet. Recently I purchased the Mitex, i suspect my dog is starting to get a ear mite issue, he started to shake his head a little he did this for like a week, no discharge or anything, but i put a few drops of the Mitex in his ears, and haven't notice him shaking his head since, that was just one treatment.. Love Happy Jack..

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