Spike Training Dog Collar
Spike Training Dog Collar

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Blunted spikes close tighter and tighter as the dog strains or jerks against the lead. Pressure is applied at about one-inch intervals. Because of this spacing the dog cannot "set" this collar tight and continue to pull. Virtually all dogs give to this collar.

5 out of 5 stars A great tool from our Obedience bretheren, 2/22/2013 6:19:21 AM
By: Esteri from CA - See all my reviews - Permalink

When a choke / obedience collar isn't getting the job done, this is the next tool up the "intensity scale" in the trainer's toolbox. Power steering for your dog. I've put this on many large, hard pulling dogs (think Labs) in my obedience classes. Two things to remember to use this collar properly. 1) Proper fit. It should be tight enough (add / remove links) to sit high on the neck, right behind the ears - and stay there. 2) Proper corrections. This is a self correcting collar. You don't do the "pop" like with a choke style. Keep the lead short enough that when the dog gets out of position, they self correct. Follow the warning on this site. Don't leave the collar on your dog unless you are actively training it.

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