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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Marking Dummy System, Small Pup Dummy

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Item#: 1077010-00010

Contrasting Black and White

Give the novice dog every opportunity for success! These marking dummies will always be in contrast to whatever background or cover is used, so your dog has an easier time following them to the actual site of the fall. Tumbling action in the air draws your dog's attention.

The black and white streamers, which are included with your purchase of the Regular, Standard or Waterfowl Dummy (or can be purchased separately), are great for catching your dog's eye during training sessions. They also allow for added contrast when the dummy is on the ground or in the water. Each streamer is proportional to the size of the dummy.

In addition, the black and white marking flags are designed to mark the fall and help the novice dog line straight to the dummy.

The black and white marking dummy will catch your dogs' eye every training session, whether you're working in the water or on the ground. The black and white streamers and flags will also help your dog be successful during your retriever training exercises.

Streamers and Flags come one to an order.

RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA - Proposition 65 Warning

* Small Pup Dummy - 8" L X 1 1/4" D (Streamer not included)
* Regular Pup Dummy - 9" L x 2" D with 9" streamer
* Standard Dummy - 12" L x 3" D with 12" streamer
* Waterfowl Dummy - 15" L x 4" D with 15" streamer
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