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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Kennel Gear, Pail Only with Insert Block, 6 Quart

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Item#: 911260-00126
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Technology Unleashed

Kennel Gear offers their Pail Systems without the Kennel Bar Mount giving you a pail with an insert block that will fit into any of Kennel Gear's mounting options (i.e Receiver Hitch Mount, Chain Link Fence Mount Adaptor, Surface Mount, Vertical Post Mount Assembly, etc.).

As an example, you could purchase a Kennel Gear 9 Quart Pail with Insert block and also a Receiver Hitch Mount. Having this setup works perfect during hunting season for several reasons:

First, you can leave this system in place and still drive from hunting location to hunting location without worrying about leaving water dishes scattered along the road.

Second, fill the pail at the beginning of each time on the ground and when the dogs get back to the vehicle they can load up on water and be ready to be put in their crates for the trip to the next field. All in all this is a very convenient way to mix and match bowls/pails and mounting options.

All Kennel Gear Pails and Mounting Blocks are stainless steel and will offers years of service to you and your good dog.

Keeping the dog's bowls and pails up off of the ground has many benefits. Sanitation seems the most important; keeping them up off of the kennel floor prevents dogs from pushing them around their urine and feces. Also with the bowls and pails being stationary, dogs will not find them to be convenient "toys".

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