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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Roy's Commander Whistle

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Gear the Way
You'd Design It.

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Any of these Roy Gonia whistles would be an excellent choice for training or handling gun dogs.

These Roy Gonia whistle are well made and have a long history in the gun dog training, handling and field trial community.

We have 4 different Roy Gonia Whistles available.

* Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITH Pea
* Roy's Commander Whistle
* Roy Gonia Special Whistle - Clear Competition
* Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITHOUT Pea

RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA - Proposition 65 Warning

Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITH Pea
Roy Gonia Special Whistle - Clear Competition

* Easy-to-blow design
* Lower-pitched sound carries farther
* Used to train more field champions than any other whistle

Roy's Commander Whistle

* Easy-to-blow design
* Designed for use in adverse weather
* Lower pitch penetrates rain, snow and fog
* Rubber mouthpiece for better grip in cold weather

Roy Gonia Special Whistle WITHOUT Pea

* Easy-to-blow design
* No trill, hi-frequency
* Excellent for puppies and close-work
* Won't freeze

Our Price: $5.75 - $7.75
About SportDog Brand

In 2003 SportDOG Brand was created by Radio Systems Corporation with the aim of developing a range of superior products based on the concept of delivering "Gear The Way You'd Design It".

SportDOG leads the field through technological advances and superior performance features you've come to expect.
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