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Uplander Dog House (Kit Model), Large

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Bigger Dogs!

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IMPORTANT -The Uplander Dog House is made to order and ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

The large Uplander Dog House is designed for dogs weighing between 75 and 90 lbs. The quality construction of this house and the options available make this dog house one of a kind.

This Uplander Dog House comes as a kit so there is some assembly required.

RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA - Proposition 65 Warning

*Double wall construction

*.030 gauge smooth aluminum painted outer skin

*3 mill lauan exterior sheathing

*Insulated with 3/4" foam board

*FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) interior includes floor, walls and underside of lid

*Support arm bracket to hold lid up

*Door opening 11 3/4" W x 13" H

*House comes standard with aluminum double swing door flap

38" Wide x 30" Long x 22" High

INTERIOR (approximately)-

36" Wide x 28" Long x 19 1/4" High
The average dog weighs 60-70 pounds, is 40 inches long, 24 inches tall at the shoulders. He displaces 12 inches of vertical space when lying down, head up, and occupies a 24 x 30 inch space, body reposed and comfortable. The dog is a den animal. For however many years, he has existed on this earth, he has sought his safety and security in small confined areas. Given a choice, he will instinctively seek a den type environment. Observation tells us that most of the time the dog prefers to be curled and butted against a wall, preferable a corner. One presumes this to be a protective maneuver. Observations also tell us that a temporarily misplaced dog might be found under the family vehicle, behind the work table out in the tool shed, or flopped down in a recently excavated hole by the garage. Cathedral ceilings and wide open spaces are preferences of humans. It is highly unlikely most dogs are so inclined.

The most frequent need of a dog shelter is to provide winter time protection. For this the dog need three things. He needs a dry and drying environment, protection from the wind, and sufficient food (calories) to maintain his body heat. (This is true for any fur bearing animal, actually.) The UPLANDER dog house is built with the proper materials and design to create the dry environment and wind protection. The house is constructed with 1 x 2 inch frames, sandwiched on both sides with 2.7 mm lauan, a veneered wood material used in home building for doors and cabinets. In between the lauan is 3/4" EPS type bubble board insulation. The outside is skinned in aluminum sheeting. There is no plastic to chew on or trap moisture or condensation, no metal included to collect moisture and freeze to the dog's coat. The interior environment wicks moisture away from the dog and is draft resistant. The floor is positioned 5 inches lower than the bottom of the door opening to allow copious bedding for nesting. The inside dimensions give the dog the best opportunity to maintain warmth in this simulated den. The materials used give the dog the desired dry and draft free environment.

With regards to the insulation feature, insulation is rated in "R" factors, the higher the "R" rating, the higher the insulation value. The predominant types of insulation come in l" thickness and have about a 4 rating. To create significant "warmth", layers of 3 to 6 inches are needed, creating "R" factors of plus 15. However, just as in a well-insulated house with single pane windows, heat cannot be maintained in a dog house with a non-insulated, non-sealed metal door. It does not and cannot raise the inside temperatures significantly. The value of the insulation is enhancing the draft free environment of the house.

Keeping the above in mind, how much space should a house allow for a typical dog, and how much more space is needed for larger dogs? A basic area of 30 x 30, with 16 to 20 inches of ceiling height will provide the dog a den area suitable for his nesting instincts, and make it easy to maintain body warmth. Because the dog cannot rise within the house, he cannot soil the house, or easily scratch or chew on walls. Larger dogs may need more width or depth to accommodate their larger frames, but their need for overhead space does not incrementally increase.
This Uplander Dog House is designed so that it can be shipped in pre-constructed panels (sides, front and back, lid and bottom). These assemble into pre-drilled aluminum corners. Assembly is simple with provided screws. This option allows for economical UPS delivery, directly to your home.
A dog house shouldn't be larger than the dog can heat. Remember, his body provides the only heat to combat the winter's cold. Peaked or domed roofs can only draw heat away from your dog and help create drafts.

Tests have proven the UPLANDER dog house stays cooler in summer, too. Dogs actually prefer it to outside shade. Double wall construction with insulation helps discourage moisture and seals out heat.

Standard Aluminum Double Swing Door Flap - This is a simple aluminum flap made from the same material as the outside of the house, on a double swing hinge at the top of the door opening.

Plexiglass Double Swing Door Flap - This is a simple plexiglass flap that is clear so the dog can see out.

Vinyl Double Swing Door Flap - This is a simple vinyl flap.

Black Rubber Double Swing Door Flap - This is a simple rubber door flap.

Heavy Lexan Double Swing Door Flap - Made of 3/16" Lexan material with an aluminum channel at the bottom of the flap, this door is more durable than standard plexiglass.

Louvered Door, Right Hinged, Spring-loaded - This is a quality aluminum door that is louvered to prevent moisture condensation from building up inside the dog house.


No Canopy - Door will have no canopy protection from the elements - wind, rain, snow, etc.

Galvanized Canopy - Great for protecting a flap style door from the elements. This can only be used with flap style doors. Will not work with right handed hinged doors.


Standard - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Board (FRP) - This material makes for a healthier dog house. It will not rust, rot, corrode, mildew, stain, dent, or splinter. The resin-rich texture will not support mold, mildew or bacterial growth. Applied to walls, floor and under lid.

Aluminum - Aluminum will be lined on the walls and floor.


Addition of Floor Insulation.


No Hole for Electrical Cord - The Uplander Dog House will come with no hole drilled for electrical heater cord.

Hole for Electrical Heating Device Cord - An appropriate sized hole will be drilled into the Uplander Dog House to support the addition of a Hound Heater.
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