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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

The Hunter at Home

After Long Hours in the Field
Training, Hunting or Competing,
Enjoy Your Time at Home with
Quality Products that Make Being
Home Comfortable and Rewarding.
Most gun dogs will spend time in the house and that means making their stay comfortable for them as well as you. Dogs Unlimited has divider gates and dog kennels that look like furniture, which means they'll look natural with your interior furnishings. Decorative Loon Lake wild bird decoys will make your home feel like the great outdoors. At Loon Lake Decoy Company they have a large variety of decorative mounts from Grouse, Pheasants, Pintails and Songbirds. Great for keeping your passion alive all year around. Dogs Unlimited also carries items that will make you happy and your dog comfortable. Check out our divider gates that will keep your dog in their designated area allowing you time "away" from them but not totally. They will enjoy being a part of the family but not necessarily in areas that you don't want them. We also have a line of furniture grade table crates. Yes, dog crates that are also tables that will look fantastic in any area of your home - next to the couch, by the bed, wherever you need to keep your dog but also don't want the unfinished look of a plastic kennel. Additionally, we have dog beds, crate cushions and other necessary items that will keep you and your dog comfortable in the house.

DOGS Around the House

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Chews, Treats & Toys

Chews, Treats and Toys That Are Sure To Keep Your Dog Entertained.

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A Variety of Quality Accessories for the Home to Make Your Life More Enjoyable.
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