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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Dogs Unlimited and Ruff Tough Kennels - Offering Quality Gun Dog Transportation Needs
Tuesday, Apr 2013

DOGS Unlimited and Ruff Tough Kennels - Offering Quality Solutions to the Gun Dog Transportation Marketplace. Dogs Unlimited is proud to associate themselves with the folks at Ruff Tough Kennels. Their quality line of gun dog transportation kennels are, first and foremost, made with the dog's safety in mind and they stand behind them with a 5 year warranty.

Ruff Tough Kennels
Born out of the Love of Dogs...

Hudson, CO (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

Dogs Unlimited has signed on with Ruff Tough Kennels to offer the best composite style gun dog transportation kennels on the market.

The Ruff Tough Kennels are based on a high quality single construction design that will put up with years and years of abuse. The company has built into these kennels the ability to be stacked on top of one another and coupled together to form a more rigid kennel system. In fact, these kennels can be stacked and coupled together to make an entire wall of kennels, great for creating a unique and personalized dog crating system.

As Alan Davison of Dogs Unlimited tells it, "If you're going to represent a manufacturing company in the gun dog training supply business you want to represent a quality company like Ruff Tough Kennels who make some of best products available."

And the commitment to durability is designed right into the name of the company. Ruff Tough Kennels has produced a number of comparison survival test videos where they’ve tossed their kennels and the competition's kennels out of the back of moving trucks, dropped 60 lbs of weight from a height of 12 feet on them and had a 350 lb man stand on top of them to show off their durability.

"A company can tell you they make the best but very few are willing to show you.” Says Davison, "Ruff Tough Kennels has built a quality product and their willing to stand behind it with a five year warranty. That’s basically unheard of in this business. What a stand up company!”

When innovation is the name of the game, Ruff Tough Kennels is on top of it. The Intermediate and Large style kennels come in two configurations:a single like most kennels, and one with two doors, great for the rear seat of a car or truck so that the kennel can be accessed from either direction.

Ruff Tough Kennels has been making innovative dog kennels and other complimentary product since 2009 and Dogs Unlimited has been offering top quality bird dog training supplies and upland hunting gear since 1971. Both business's are committed to providing the best products to gun dog owners everywhere.
Ruff Land, Large Kennel, Double Doors, WhitestoneRuff Land, Large Kennel, Double Doors, Whitestone
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