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Spalding Labs - Fly Control
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Dogs Unlimited and NEW Garmin Delta and Delta Sport
Thursday, May 2013

Dogs Unlimited introduces the NEW Garmin Delta and Delta Sport utilizing proven Tri tronics technology.

After purchasing Tri tronics a little over a year ago, Garmin is now coming out with their new line of hunting dog training collars and first on the market is the Delta and Delta sport. These are replacements for the Tri tronics Sport Series electronic dog training models that have been a staple of Tri tronics for years.

Says Alan O. Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimted, "These new Delta collars are soon to be a "must have" in the hunting dog training market. Also, Garmin has added a new wrinkle that will make the Delta Sport uptimum for a segment of the market - not only is it an electronic training collar but they've combined it with a BarkLimiter."

These new collars are just the beginning for Garmin when it comes to electronic collars. They will soon be winding down Tri tronics as a brand and converting a select group of electronic collars to the Garmin brand.

Says Davison, "I fully expect Garmin to reduce the overall number of electronic collar selection when compared to Tri tronics but if the Delta is any indication we will see new and innovative products taht will greatly satisfy the hunting dog training market."

Expect to see a continued rollout of new Garmin branded hunting dog training products in the near future.
Garmin, Delta Sport XC SystemGarmin, Delta Sport XC System
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