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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring is finally here and most folks are looking to get out and get some work done with their dogs. For some it's just the opportunity to spend quality time with their Good Dog while for others they have some performance events on the horizon like field trials and hunt tests. I'd like to talk a bit about training and some of the tools we use to get our dogs to look the best they can while they're on point.

When setting up our training course, we first determine what we want to accomplish with our dogs—what holes do they have that we feel we need to address. It may be stop-to-flush, honoring or just putting a bit more style on their point. Certainly there are many more, but this article will just address stop-to-flush and a staunch point.

Once we've decided what we want to accomplish, we look at the TOOLS that we have to get the job done and how we want to use those tools. The four items that are constantly in use when I train are the Tip-Up Bird Releaser, a Remote Bird Lancher, the Higgins Bird Releaser and an E-Collar. (The NEW SportDog Launcher is now in stock!)

As an example, when working on Stop to Flush, I use a remotely activated Bird Launcher or Higgins Releaser in conjunction with a Tip-Up Bird Releaser, or two, all placed in an area that's a likely bird objective and all within five to 10 feet of each other. Understand that the dog I'm working has had the basic stop-to-flush work done and now I'm expanding his knowledge base.

*I'll have the dog come into the area and remotely launch the bird when the dog will clearly see the launch. If I've done may foundation work correctly he'll stop and watch the bird fly off.

*Now comes the fun part, I'll walk into the area of the flush and kick around, building anticipation in the dog, and then step on the Tip-Up Bird Releaser to release another bird. For some dogs who have not experienced this, the flight of another bird may be more than they can handle so they may break. Once again, a great training opportunity.

*In the end, what I'm trying to do is get the dog to think about what's going on and what they'll need to anticipate in the future when they run into this scenario.

*The other benefit is that your dog will always anticipate a multiple bird flush and thus their style will very rarely let down. Something a judge really likes to see.

It's often very easy to distinguish between those dogs who have been trained using single birds and those who have been introduced to multiple flush scenarios. What I see from a dog that has only been trained on single bird flushes is that once a bird has been flushed, the dog tends to start loosening up—the head swivels and the tail drops and usually this happens right after the bird has been flushed.

Those dogs that have been trained using multiple birds always seem staunch and attentive, nice style and anticipating the next bird to pop. I've been to trials where this has been the deciding factor between first and second place which is why I'm a big proponent of setting training courses that consistently use multiple bird scenarios.

In my opinion, this type of training is also great for those who prefer to simply hunt their dogs. More often than not the birds you're hunting are covey type birds and training for the multiple flush scenario will only add to the satisfaction of your hunt with a dog who will anticipate and handle the situation.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've always been intrigued by folks at trials or hunt tests who say something like, "My dog broke because someone in the gallery was talking..." or "The judge was crowding my dog so he took steps..." or "The bird was right off his nose that's why he broke...". Perhaps their dog is too green to be in the stake they're competing or maybe they just haven't been trained to deal with this type of pressure. The former is just an issue of wanting to get a dog into competition before they're ready, sometimes we just can't help ourselves and we want to show everyone how well our training is coming. The latter is something entirely different. In an attempt to make sure their dogs are completely broke to wing and shot some trainers only train under "perfect" conditions - there is no outside or unusual influence introduced to the dog during training that will simulate the increased pressure a dog will experience during competition - so that during a trial if anything out of the ordinary happens then everything breaks down.

When I started training my first bird dog Charlie Williams told me something that will be with me forever - "Don't subject your dog to anything in a trial or hunt test that they haven't already experienced in training." A classic example of this is when a first time competitor enters their dog in a horseback trial Puppy or Derby stake and instead of walking their brace someone has convinced them to ride a horse. Typically what you see is that after the breakaway the dog returns trying to find their handler where they have always seen them, on the ground walking, only to find them sitting on a horse where the dog has never seen them before. Surely the dog is confused and doesn't perform their best and the new handler is frustrated.

Training your gun dog to accept all types of wayward stimulus is the key. Certainly you have to get the basics down and get your pointing dog through the foundation elements of being broke but once this has been accomplished the introduction of outside influences needs to be addressed. Whatever has been seen in competition should be introduced during training. During our training sessions we usually have 4 - 5 people walking with us and observing while we're training. We encourage them to talk, make noise, laugh and carry on. And we as the handlers will often add our own comments, gestures and antics as well. We'll go so far as to step over the dog's back when they're on point, toss birds at their face, sides and from behind, even blow a whistle. Anything we can think of that will create added pressure and perhaps something that they may face during a trial or at a hunt test. If during any of this the dog breaks or otherwise "messes up" we are there to do a correction to let them know that they need to be broke no matter what is going on around them.

Certainly all dogs have their holes (things that will mess them up and get them excused from a stake during a trial or hunt test) but if you can eliminate as many of these as possible and especially those that you can train for I'm all for it. Your dogs will be better for it and you'll have more success in the field. Besides, you don't want to be that person who always seems to have an excuse as to why their dog got picked up and it was always someone else's fault.
Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sometimes a product comes along that just requires a video over a picture when describing exactly how it works and the Higgins Remote Bird Releaser is one of those products.

The Higgins Remote Releaser has a universal electronic releaser mounting system that will allow it to use any of the commercially sold electronic releasers from companies like Dogtra, DT Systems and Tri-tronics.

In this video we show the Higgins Remote Releaser during a hunting dog training session. The Higgins Releaser opens silently and does not toss the bird up into the air. Once the box opens the bird is able to move out of the box at their own pace. They may take flight immediately or slowly walk out of the box.

This type of releaser allows the dog trainer to set up a variety of training situations that meet the needs of the dogs they are training.

Check out the video to see the Higgins Remote Bird Releaser in action.
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Striving to continually meet our customers requests for information regarding roading hunting dogs, Dogs Unlimited has produced a video describing hunting dog roading techniques. These techniques can help in getting your hunting dog in top condition.

Roading a dog can happen a couple of ways though with an ATV or off of a horse are the most common. When using an ATV different roading methods can be used to get your dog ready for the hunting season. "Traditional roading" is done by driving the ATV at a slow enough speed that requires the dog to continuous pull on the roading harness though fast enough to have them running.

What we refer to as "Free Roading" is when the ATV is traveling at the same rate of speed as the dog. When doing this type of roading there will be no pulling resistance and the dog will be setting the pace.

The traditional roading method is used by professional dog trainers because they often road multiple dogs, up to 8 - 10, at a time and rarely do this many dogs run at the same pace virtually eliminating the possibility of free roading.

We use both methods while conditioning our dogs prior to the hunting season. It changes things up for the dogs and they don't get bored. We look at it as cross-training.

Check out this video and get some great information on getting your dog ready for the upcoming hunting season.
Monday, July 22, 2013

Dogs Unlimited is always on the lookout to bring additional information to our customers and after many requests concerning exactly how the FieldKing Bridle Leather Jaeger Lead works, Dogs Unlimited has produced a video to show all the great options this lead has to offer.

We show the classic Over-The-Shoulder option and then the many standard lead versions. The ability to change from Over-The-Shoulder to a standard 9' lead with a hand hold loop and then instantly make it shorter is a great feature to this Jaeger Lead.

Additionally, the FieldKing Bridle Jaeger Lead can be used as a dog tie out. Easily wrap the end around a fence post or a tree and your hunting dog now has its own space and you have yours. We do suggest that you keep an eye on your dog, chewing through the lead is a distinct possibility.

Check out the video on the FieldKing Bridle Leather Jaeger Lead and get great information on its many uses.
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Known for their quality, FieldKing branded products include a vast array of huning dog training supplies and highly durable leather dog collars, leads and leashes."

Dogs Unlimited has recently introduced the FieldKing brand and is looking forward to its success within the hunting dog community. And while most of the FieldKing line of products is specifically designed for the training and care of hunting dogs the dog collars, leads and leashes are of the quality that would benefit pet owners as well.

Says Alan O Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimited, "We are very excited about the introduction of the FieldKing line of products to our upland bird dog training customers. These products have proven themselves to be valuable training tools in a gun dog trainers pursuit of a quality gun dog."

Products like the FieldKing 20' Check Cord, the FieldKing Game Stewards Bird Bag, and the FieldKing Your Third Hand are just a few of the products that are used consistently to train upland hunting dogs to become the best bird dogs they can be.

Professional bird dog trainers, field trialers and serious amateur hunting dog trainers require their dog training tools to be the absolutely best and FieldKing keeps that promise. With decades of experience FieldKing products have proven themselves to be the choice for those who need durability.

Davison says, "While most folks will know the products this is their introduction to the FieldKing brand. We are looking forward to building on the qualities of these products with the FieldKing name, qualities like long lasting durability, strength, visually appealing and those innate qualities that have made these products "best of breed" within our industry."

Dogs Unlimited is located in Hudson, Colorado and has been selling hunting dog training supplies and upland hunting equipment since 1971. They're known for their innovative product offerings as well as the best quality products from the most well known and respected hunting dog equipment manufactures in the world.

If you would like more information on Dogs Unlimited or the FieldKing Brand please visit Dogs Unlimited's website at http://www.dogsunlimited.com.
Monday, July 15, 2013

Dogs Unlimited is set to release their new 2013 - 2014 Big Book Sporting Dog Catalog featuring hunting dog training supplies and upland bird hunting equipment.

Dogs Unlimited is gearing up for the release of their new 2013 - 2014 Big Book Sporting Dog Catalog due to hit mailboxes in July. Their catalog is filled with hundreds of items for training upland hunting dogs including the pointing breeds, retrievers and flushing dogs. And their catalog just doesn't include products for dog training, there are many items for the upland hunter that will make their trips to the field rewarding and exciting.

In business since 1971, Dogs Unlimited has been at the forefront of the bird dog training world with their introduction of many products over the years, many of which are now staples within the industry. From the FieldKing Game Steward's Bird Bag, which comes in three sizes, to the FieldKing "Almost Famous" 20 Foot Check Cord with its stiff solid core that prevents whipping and tangling, Dogs Unlimited has developed many innovative products for the bird dog trainer.

Says Alan O. Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimited, "From day one, way back in the early 70's, we've been focused on our passion and the passion of our customers for quality hunting dog training and the products that will make that training successful and rewarding. It's why our tag line is, 'Make Your Good Dog Better.' "

The folks at Dogs Unlimited not only sell the best hunting dog training products available, they are also heavily involved in many aspects of their industry. Each year Dogs Unlimited contributes many thousands of dollars to field trials, hunt tests and hunters, giving back to the community that is so committed to their dogs and the activities that go along with them.

Alan O. Davison, an avid upland bird hunter and horseback field trialer himself has been deeply involved in this community for years. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of an AKC sporting dog club as well as a Trustee and President of their Foundation. Additionally he has been involved in horseback field trials at all levels, including being the chairman of 3 National Championships and winning a National Amateur Field Championship.Says Davison, "I love competing at a high level because it lets me know where my training program stands in relation to others that like to compete. Then I get to take my field trial dogs out hunting and let them hunt the way they were bred--we like them to run bigger than most. But I'm confident in our training and that they--and the birds--will be there when we catch up to them. It's truly a great sight to see a fully finished gun dog work a field, pin a bird and then make a successful retrieve. Absolutely rewarding."

Dogs Unlimited sends out one catalog a year, usually in July just as the upland training season gets underway. If you would like a free catalog go to the Dogs Unlimited website and sign up.

Located in Hudson, Colorado, Dogs Unlimited LLC has a long history of supporting local, regional and national upland hunting, field trialing and waterfowl hunting organizations donating thousands of dollars each year in support of those passionate about their outdoor pursuits.
Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dogs Unlimited introduces the NEW Garmin Delta and Delta Sport utilizing proven Tri tronics technology.

After purchasing Tri tronics a little over a year ago, Garmin is now coming out with their new line of hunting dog training collars and first on the market is the Delta and Delta sport. These are replacements for the Tri tronics Sport Series electronic dog training models that have been a staple of Tri tronics for years.

Says Alan O. Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimted, "These new Delta collars are soon to be a "must have" in the hunting dog training market. Also, Garmin has added a new wrinkle that will make the Delta Sport uptimum for a segment of the market - not only is it an electronic training collar but they've combined it with a BarkLimiter."

These new collars are just the beginning for Garmin when it comes to electronic collars. They will soon be winding down Tri tronics as a brand and converting a select group of electronic collars to the Garmin brand.

Says Davison, "I fully expect Garmin to reduce the overall number of electronic collar selection when compared to Tri tronics but if the Delta is any indication we will see new and innovative products taht will greatly satisfy the hunting dog training market."

Expect to see a continued rollout of new Garmin branded hunting dog training products in the near future.
Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dogs Unlimited hosted the HuntSmith Intermediate Seminar, a 4 day bird dog training extravaganza presented by Ronnie Smith which started on May 9 and concluded on May 12th, 2013. It started with a meet and greet at Dogs Unlimited's hunting dog training grounds with Ronnie meeting all of the eager participants. During this time he spoke in-depth to each student about their progress with their dog following the basic Foundation Seminar training that's a prerequisite for each participant to be enrolled in the Intermediate Seminar.

After careful evaluation and lots of note taking, Ronnie Smith gave a short synopsis of what was going to happen during the rest of the seminar and what to expect out of each participant and their dog.

Ronnie Smith says, "It's important that each Intermediate Seminar participant has taken the HuntSmith Foundation Seminar. Our system is based on a series of building blocks and while a dog can enter our system at the Intermediate level their gun dog training will break down over time because they don't have the necessary foundation to work with."

During the seminar the participants and their hunting dogs learned the necessary tools to move on to the next level during in-field discussion and exhibition dog training by Ronnie and then did hands-on training with their own dogs guided by his skilled and watchful eye.

Alan O. Davison of Dogs Unlimited, who's participated in both the HuntSmith Foundation and Intermediate Seminars says, "There's no better way to learn than first by listening to Rick Smith or Ronnie Smith impart their incredible depth of bird dog training knowledge and then watching them demonstrate that wisdom on one of your dogs with the expertise of someone who's been doing it all of their lives. And finally moving to the field and doing it yourself while being personally coached by them."

As the seminar progressed more skills and knowledge was passed from Ronnie Smith to the participant and then on to their dogs. The progress was immediate and it was evident by the exuberance of each participant that the summer and early fall was going to be filled with many training days in preparation for the upcoming upland bird hunting season and for many seasons to come.

Davison says, "I'm always dog tired at the end of these seminars but it's definitely a good tired. Not only have we walked for what seems like miles and miles but the amount of dog training information the participants take in is incredible as well. Our brains are tired too!"

Continuing on Davison says, "You couldn't ask for a better seminar experience put on by a better presenter than Ronnie Smith. Dogs Unlimited is proud to be on the HuntSmith Seminar schedule and we look forward to many years of this great relationship."

Dogs Unlimited LLC was started in 1971. Located in Hudson, Colorado, they sell hunting dog training supplies, and upland and waterfowl hunting gear throughout the world. They have hosted the HuntSmith Foundation and Intermediate Seminars since 2007.
Monday, April 29, 2013

Dogs Unlimited’s Original Game Stewards Bird Bag

The Original Game Stewards Bird Bag has been a staple in the gundog training supply business ever since Dogs Unlimited brought it to market decades ago. Made of heavy duty orange mesh fabric, great for ventilation, these bird bags come in 3 different sizes based on the bag opening – 8”, 10” and a 12” opening. The 8” is best for quail, the 10” is the most versatile and great for quail, pigeons, chukar and small pheasants, and the 12” is a bigger bag and will fit pheasants and ducks.

The industry leading spring snaps are what really makes the Original Game Stewards Bird Bag the best available, when closed they stay tight to prevent your birds from escaping. Each bird bag comes with a pocket on each side for storing wild bird scent, gun dog training blanks, gloves – anything needed to train gundogs. The 1” wide adjustable strap makes it convenient to take birds into the field. Additionally the Dogs Unlimited Custom Shop can add a brass bolt snap to the bag so it can be securely attached a saddle, ATV, etc.
Thursday, April 25, 2013

While the price of shipping has increased at every level on April 1st DOGS Unlimited LLC introduced for the month of April a $5.95 Flat Rate on standard ground shipping to shipping destinations within the continental United States.

Says Alan O. Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimited, "We're here to offer our customers the best gun dog training supplies and upland hunting equipment at the best prices and that includes the price of our shipping. We understand our customers are looking for value and this new shipping rate gives them exactly that."

Dogs Unlimited has worked with their shipping partners to secure the lowest possible shipping rates and are proud to be able to pass that savings along the their customers. Everyone at Dogs Unlimited knows that to truly make the customer experience a great one every aspect has to be great and that includes the price of shipping.

Along with Standard Shipping, Dogs Unlimited also offers Dogs Quick Ship, a shipping option that will typically have an order arrive within 3 - 4 business days, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Overnight. These expedited shipping rates are very competitive as well.

And further good news, "We received such a great response from our current customers, as well as some folks who were purchasing from us for the first time, that we have decided to continue on with the $5.95 Flat Rate Standard Shipping for the foreseeable future." adds Davison. "Everyone at Dogs Unlimited is always striving to bring our customers the most new and innovative hunting dog training supplies, exceptional shopping experience both on our website and over the phone and now we are offering them the best shipping rates."

Dogs Unlimited has been in business since 1971 and is located in Hudson, Colorado. They offer hunting dog training supplies, upland and waterfowl hunting equipment, dog collars and other sporting dog equipment. Alan O Davison has owned Dogs Unlimited since 2005.
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On April 1, 2013 Dogs Unlimited introduced a flat rate shipping policy on Standard Shipping to the lower 48 United States. Initially designed to be a reduced shipping cost campaign for the month of April the folks at Dogs Unlimited noticed a very positive response and have decided to extend this flat rate shipping policy into the future.

Says Alan O Davison, owner of Dogs Unlimited, “The response to our introduction of this policy has been overwhelmingly positive and truly it only makes sense. Our customers have indicated that knowing that they are only going to pay $5.95 for their shipping helps them manage their budget. And for those who want to take advantage, they know they can load up on more items and still only pay the $5.95 and that really helps them out.”

Dogs Unlimited has indicated that while this flat rate shipping policy is for most items it unfortunately doesn’t include everything and certain exclusions apply. Several items in particular are over-sized and/or overweight and require additional shipping. Davison stays, “We attempted to have each and every item that we sell fall under the $5.95 flat rate but that turned out to be impossible. Our extensive line of products included some items like the Houndsman Dog Box and Zinger Winger Dog Kennels that just require additional shipping be charged because of their size.”

Alan Davison also points out that while flat rate shipping is good there are a number of products Dogs Unlimited sells that qualify for FREE Shipping. He says that all electronic dog training collar systems from companies like SportDog Brand, Garmin and Dogtra over $200 qualify for Free Shipping and there are other items that also meet these criteria. In today’s direct mail environment it’s continually important to manage and evaluate how the shipping environment effects customer and Dogs Unlimited is on the frontline when it comes to making the positive necessary changes that help their customers.
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DOGS Unlimited and Ruff Tough Kennels - Offering Quality Solutions to the Gun Dog Transportation Marketplace. Dogs Unlimited is proud to associate themselves with the folks at Ruff Tough Kennels. Their quality line of gun dog transportation kennels are, first and foremost, made with the dog's safety in mind and they stand behind them with a 5 year warranty.

Ruff Tough Kennels
Born out of the Love of Dogs...

Hudson, CO (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

Dogs Unlimited has signed on with Ruff Tough Kennels to offer the best composite style gun dog transportation kennels on the market.

The Ruff Tough Kennels are based on a high quality single construction design that will put up with years and years of abuse. The company has built into these kennels the ability to be stacked on top of one another and coupled together to form a more rigid kennel system. In fact, these kennels can be stacked and coupled together to make an entire wall of kennels, great for creating a unique and personalized dog crating system.

As Alan Davison of Dogs Unlimited tells it, "If you're going to represent a manufacturing company in the gun dog training supply business you want to represent a quality company like Ruff Tough Kennels who make some of best products available."

And the commitment to durability is designed right into the name of the company. Ruff Tough Kennels has produced a number of comparison survival test videos where they’ve tossed their kennels and the competition's kennels out of the back of moving trucks, dropped 60 lbs of weight from a height of 12 feet on them and had a 350 lb man stand on top of them to show off their durability.

"A company can tell you they make the best but very few are willing to show you.” Says Davison, "Ruff Tough Kennels has built a quality product and their willing to stand behind it with a five year warranty. That’s basically unheard of in this business. What a stand up company!”

When innovation is the name of the game, Ruff Tough Kennels is on top of it. The Intermediate and Large style kennels come in two configurations:a single like most kennels, and one with two doors, great for the rear seat of a car or truck so that the kennel can be accessed from either direction.

Ruff Tough Kennels has been making innovative dog kennels and other complimentary product since 2009 and Dogs Unlimited has been offering top quality bird dog training supplies and upland hunting gear since 1971. Both business's are committed to providing the best products to gun dog owners everywhere.
Friday, March 22, 2013

This top quality video displays the company's passion for upland gun dogs. Inspirational footage includes Pointers, Setters, German Shorthaired Pointers, Brittanys, Weimaraners, Vizslas, Labs and German Wirehaired Pointers.

When DOGS Unlimited Bird Dog Training Supplies searched for a sixty second summary of their company vision, they thought hard about 60 seconds that would convey everything about the hunting dog that was the heart and soul of the company. The one and only thing that owner, Alan Davison, could picture were scenes he had played over and over in his mind of the illustrious days in the field he'd spent with his own dogs.

A search began for the right cameraman, the right music, the right voice-over and the patience to capture just the right moment when all of the training and breeding converged with just the right angle on just the right day. And when it was complete, English Setters, Pointers, Irish Setters, Vizslas, Brittanys and many other gun dogs became the centerpiece of what is now the iconic DOGS Unlimited signature video.

Says Alan Davison: "Sure, we're a business. But the driving force behind the business is our love of bird dogs. We want everyone who owns one to know what a pleasure it can be, whether they are hunters, or compete in field trials or both. That's why our motto is, 'Make Your Good Dog Better.'"

And that's why the video they produced is focused on the beauty of the bird dog and that's why anyone who sees it knows they're in good hands when they need the gear to make their good dog better, too.

About DOGS Unlimited: Since 1971, DOGS Unlimited has been the top name in gun dog training supplies. Always forward looking, but never forgetting their roots, their philosophy is to offer the best products at the fairest prices. Never content to merely sell other companies' products, they have developed many of the standard equipment used to train the hunting dog to this day.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As more and more consumers demand products tailored to their needs, DOGS Unlimited answers the call with custom made dog collars and other items for the gun dog owner.

In a world where one size no longer fits all, DOGS Unlimited offers a one-of-kind custom experience for the gun dog owner. Now anyone can order a custom dog collar in the exact length, width, color and hardware that they like. And each collar arrives at your door with a free personalized solid brass nameplate attached.

“We are the only hunting dog supply company that offers this unique service. And many bird dog trainers and breeders come to us to fit their many breeds and sizes of hunting dogs,” says Alan Davison, owner. “We recognized early on that people aren’t always content with the standard offerings of many other gun dog training supply companies. We saw a need and we filled it.”

Starting with their best-in-the-industry Dura-Lon(TM) collars, to their very popular Dura-Flex(TM) collars, plus three types of leather, you can have a collar for your bird dog—or any dog—made to an exact fit. Plus you can choose between brass or nickle plated hardware and get colors not otherwise available with in-stock collars.

Virtually every DOGS Unlimited collar includes a free solid brass nameplate attached. “We don’t do this as a sales gimmick,” says Davison. “We do it because we believe it is supremely important that a dog has identifying information that won’t get separated from its collar. We’ve seen too many dogs lost and never returned because their tag got lost, or they never had any ID to start with. It can break your heart.”

The DOGS Custom Shop also features a custom version of their “Almost Famous” 20 Foot Check Cord for training, as well as custom jackets and chaps for the hunter or field trialer, and leads and leashes in colors and leathers to match their custom and non-custom collars.

All of DOGS Unlimited’s dog collars, accessories, and training tools are made to stand up to tough field conditions and will last long after many other products have failed.

About Dogs Unlimited LLC – Dogs Unlimited was started in 1971 to fill a hole in the pet industry, namely bird dog training supplies. Since then, they have brought many new products to the market, many of which have become standard equipment for professional and amateur gun dog trainers alike.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Have the gun dog that all of your friends want to hunt behind.

Have you ever dreamed of having that special gun dog that gets you invited to hunt every weekend? One that will get invited to go even if you can’t make it?

For many gun dog owners the challenge of training their own dog for hunting can be fraught with pitfalls and perils that, quite possibly, can ruin a good dog for life. However, short of sending the dog away to a professional trainer in some faraway place, many folks have nowhere else to turn for help.

But help is on the way.

"We have been hosting the Rick Smith Foundation Seminar for eight years now,” says DOGS Unlimited’s Alan O. Davison, "and we never get tired of seeing the excellent—sometimes amazing—results.

"And the change is usually in the dog owner more than in the dog. Because the focus is on training the person to train their own dog.” That, combined with DOGS Unlimited’s huge array of training supplies, can put one well on their way to that ideal, well trained bird dog.

The Foundation Seminar, taught by Rick Smith, starts with the basics of obedience to the handler’s commands, and continues through the two-and-a-half day weekend, ending with bird work. "Rick is always accessible, tirelessly answering every question put to him until the questions run out,” says Davison.

For those who have completed the Foundation Seminar, Ronnie Smith will be holding the Intermediate Seminar with more advanced training for both dog owner and dog. Again, the emphasis is on "training the trainer” so that every student leaves the three-and-a-half day seminar with an arsenal of training info to take their bird dog to that next level.

Examples of breeds that can benefit are: Brittanys, Vizslas, German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador, Golden, or Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, any other pointing, retrieving or flushing dog.

Foundation Seminar: June 7 - 9, 2013
Intermediate Seminar: May 9 - 12, 2013
Location: Hudson, Colorado USA

Contact: DOGS Unlimited 800-338-DOGS (3647)
Friday, March 15, 2013

DOGS Unlimited has entered into partnership with Higgins Remote Releaser, offering a very different way to release birds when training for hunting or competition. Unlike other remote releasers that spring a bird into the air, or manual releasers that require you to be nearby and usually startle the bird into a flush, the Higgins Remote Releaser eases open slowly, silently and from a distance when using a remote releaser. The bird may stay inside the enclosure, or it may hop out and wander around looking for cover. Any of these scenarios are excellent training for a bird dog to learn that a bird on the ground is not fair game.

DOGS Unlimited Bird Dog Training Supplies owner, Alan Davison, who regularly trains his own gun dogs for hunting and has handled them to several national titles, talks about the benefits of the Higgins Remote Releasers as a training tool.

"Over the years, gun dog trainers have had no real way to train for this scenario, let alone keep it controlled—which is the most important aspect of any training session." says Davison.Davison continues,"Things have mainly been left to chance. Very often the first time a dog is in this situation, it’s in the middle of a competition. And it never turns out well. You might have had the best run of your dog’s life, on the verge of winning the big championship, and if you run across a game bird wandering around in the open. If your dog has not trained for this, you can go from First Place to No Place in a heart-breaking instant. Because that bird dog is going to say to itself, ‘Look! Easy pickins!’, pounce on that bird or chase it into flight and right out of the competition."

Check out this video of the Higgins Remote Bird Releaser.

"It’s equally important for hunting dogs to have the same discipline. The last thing you want is your dog destroying your opportunity to get birds.”

Mr. Davison also recommends the Higgins Remote Releaser for training young dogs.

"The Higgins Releaser opens so silently that there’s no loud noise to startle a young pup and nothing potentially flying into its face. The last thing you want to teach a bird dog is to be afraid of birds! Using the Higgins Releaser is about as natural a situation as you can get in a training scenario."

The Higgins Remote releaser was conceived of and designed by Brad Higgins, a professional gun dog trainer himself. So he knows what both amateurs and pros go through when trying to prepare a dog for every possible scenario it may encounter. It operates with electronic remote release products from Tri-tronics, Dogtra, DT Systems or Innotek. Many people already have these components from other launchers they own.

And speaking of other launchers, The Higgins Remote Releaser can be combined with those other launchers in your training sessions so you can throw as many different situations at your dog as he can handle.

And never find yourself No Place again.

DOGS Unlimited has been in the business of bird dogs since 1971.
Contact them at www.DOGSUnlimited.com or at 800-338-DOGS (3647)

PO Box 570
Hudson, CO 80642
Friday, March 15, 2013

Giving back has always been an important part of DOGS Unlimited's Business Philosophy. The AKC Gun Dog Championships are an annual event that tests the best of the best from every pointing dog breed against one another. From Pointers to Vizslas, from English Setters to Irish Setters, from Brittanys to Weimaraners. And DOGS Unlimited LLC will be there to say hello, say thanks, and to meet their loyal customers face to face.

"We always like to have a face to go with a name,” says DOGS Unlimited owner, Alan Davison. "It definitely makes our transactions more personal, but it also helps us understand where they are in their training program and what they need. That way, when they call us, we can really help them with the product that makes sense for them.”

Attending events like the AKC Gun Dog Championships also allows their people to keep up on the pulse of the Gun Dog world. "You can’t run a successful business from a vacuum,” says Davison. "You have to get out, see what’s happening, see how it’s happening, why it’s happening, and take that back to your company. That’s how you stay relevant.”

Above and beyond these reasons, the DOGS Unlimited business philosophy has always been to give back to the community that supports them — a community that every employee of the company truly loves and is active in on a regular basis.

The AKC Gun Dog Championships begin on SaturdaySaturday, March 16, 2013 at Branched Oak Field Trial Grounds, near Lincoln, Nebraska. Alan Davison and DOGS Unlimited are hosting cocktails on Saturday evening, March 23rd after the day’s running has been completed.

The championships continue for approximately a week and are divided between retrieving and non-retrieving stakes and are open to qualified dogs from AKC registered pointing breeds. The most popular breeds include:

Brittany Spaniel
English Pointer
English Setter
German Shorthaired Pointer
German Wirehaired Pointer
Gordon Setter
Irish Setter
Red Setter
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